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Become Your Own Savior

with Genevieve Joy

The show for ambitious women who want to take a deep dive into the realm of their unconscious, and reclaim their power to put an end to the problematic patterns that are causing them to chronically suffer, so they can become truly free and create an everyday reality that feels vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling


The ancient truths you need to help you bravely transform your suffering into freedom and become your most authentic self right here in the real world

From finding (and fulfilling) your life's purpose, getting rid of the sneaky ways you're sabotaging your own happiness, to transforming your relationship to love, money and health so you can feel vibrantly alive. 

Get ready to dive deep into your own Soul.

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The Freedom Season

Take a deep dive with me into the concept of spiritual freedom and get answers to questions like:

  • What does it mean to become your own savior, and what will happen for you when you do?

  • How can you put an end to the problematic patterns that are causing you to suffer?

  • What are the big things that are keeping you from being truly free now?

  • What are the big things you can start doing now to begin your journey toward spiritual freedom?

  • How can you make big, lasting changes in your everyday reality in a way that really works?


Episode 1

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Why Becoming Your Own Savior Is Your Ticket To True Freedom

Forest Grass

Episode 4

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The Hidden Danger Of Emotional Band Aids


Episode 7

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How To Truly Heal, Let Go, And Move On

Sunset over Poppy Field

Episode 10

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How To Move Past The Pleasure Threshold That's Holding You Back

Grass and Sea

Episode 13

Listen arrow.png

Healing Your Self-Doubt, And Replenishing Your Self-Belief

Flower Petals

Episode 2

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How I Became My Own Savior And Ended A Generational Pattern of Abuse 

Dark Waves

Episode 5

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Why Self-Sacrifice Is The Ultimate Silent Killer

Alpinen meadow

Episode 8

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THIS Is Why THAT Keeps Happening To You ...


Episode 11

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How To Permanently Move Your Life In A New Direction The Easy Way

Purple Hyacinth

Episode 14

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What's Next?


Episode 3

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Why Living On Autopilot is Robbing You Of Your Freedom


Episode 6

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The Key To Ending The Pain Of Past Trauma For Good

Dandelion Fields

Episode 9

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...  And THIS Is How You Can Make It Stop For Good

Rock Balancing

Episode 12

Listen arrow.png

How To Play The Game Of Life


Meet Your Host

Hey Love! I'm Genevieve Joy

I'm on a mission to heal the world by helping as many women as I can to end their own suffering by showing them how to end their most problematic patterns, releasing their blocks to receiving their desires and creating a clear path to lead them from where they were to where they want to be in a way that gives them more energy than they put out. 

I know exactly how it feels to be trapped in a life that feels like a living nightmare, and I know what it takes to create true, lasting happiness.

That's why I'm so happy to take a deep dive into what it looks like to do the work of fulfilling your Soul's highest purpose, doing healing work that produces real-world results and bravely reclaiming your individual authority to create your life in the way that gives you the freedom to live as your most authentic self. 

I'm so glad to have you with me on this journey.

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I release a new season of the podcast in full four times each year. Tune in wherever you listen to podcasts and leave a review letting me know how Become Your Own Savior has impacted you. 

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