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Become Your Own Savior

with Genevieve Joy

The Freedom Season

Dark Waves

Episode 5: Why Self-Sacrifice Is The Ultimate Silent Killer

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Are you killing yourself to try and feel alive? If you're like most women, then the answer is YES.

In this episode I’m going to help you change the way you see the primary, unconscious energetic force in your life.


It’s the force that moves you forward, and it’s also the yardstick by which you’re able to measure whether you’re on the right path in life both on a granular, day-to-day basis, and on a broader, more global scale as well.


It’s really your ultimate top-tier value … the thing that’s always going to be the most important thing to you at the deepest level of your unconscious. 


In all the work I’ve done with clients for the past five years, I have yet to meet a single woman who doesn’t have this powerfully dark force lurking inside her primary, unconscious drive.


It’s slowly starving you of your joy and eating away at your will to live ...


... yet you’ve been socially conditioned to love it … and to want more of it


... because you unconsciously believe that by allowing it to destroy you, you’ll become sanctified. 


I know this dark force intimately because it was the primary motivator in my life for almost 40 years, and it nearly killed me physically, emotionally and mentally.


So in this episode I’m going to show you what this dark force is, how it came to live inside you, why it’s keeping you from having all the things you want most, and how you can become free from it. 

You'l also hear ...
  • What's the one thing we all want most at an unconscious level?

  • What's the most destructive thing you're probably doing to try and get that thing you want most?

  • Why women are held to a different standard than men when it comes to acceptance, and what can you do to fix that now.

So if that resonates with you, pop in those earbuds and press play on this episode!

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