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About Genevieve


My Story

My road to becoming the happy, energetic and empowered I am now was not an easy one.  I was born into a highly dysfunctional family with two narcissistic parents who treated love and attention like a currency to be earned.


I never felt like I deserved to be loved and accepted, and as a result I grew up feeling deeply unhappy. 


When I was just two years old, I developed an intense chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis for which I was told there was no cure. Then at the age of 11 I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the doctor of an acquaintance noticed the softball-sized tumor growing in my neck.


While two surgeries and multiple follow-up treatments removed the cancer from my body, I was left with severe, chronic fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms that made day-to-day life difficult. 

By 2003, my relationship with my family had become so toxic that simply seeing my parent's phone number appear on my phone would cause me to vomit. I knew I had to extricate myself from that dysfunctional relationship, but I believed I needed the help of a man to make it happen. 

From Suicidal to Warrior Woman

Finding My Pathway To Liberation

So I married someone who stood up to my parents and gave me the courage to do the same, without realizing that the same unconscious patterns that created the unhealthy relationships within my family were about to be played out again in what would become a 14 year abusive marriage.  

One night in 2017, during a particularly horrific altercation with my husband, he repeated a phrase he'd said a million times before, but this time it opened something in me: "I'm not the problem. You are."

Right away I realized that, while his current behavior was totally unacceptable, in a way he was right. Problems cause us to experience some level of pain, and in that situation I was the person experiencing pain, which meant that I had both a problem and the power to fix it.

Still, the limiting beliefs I'd taken on during childhood told me that a better life wasn't possible for me, and that trying to be truly happy, fulfilled and vibrantly alive was a waste of time and energy. 

Then my oldest child said something to me that changed everything: "Mom, why don't you just leave?" In an instant I saw my life fast forward ten years. I saw myself begging my daughter to extricate herself from her own abusive relationship and right away I realized that if I didn't find a way to end this destructive pattern my children would go on to repeat it. That was simply unacceptable to me.


That realization was everything I needed to gather the courage and strength to file for divorce and search for a solution to heal the unconscious programming that created that horrible situation so I'd never have to experience anything like it ever again (and neither would my kids). 

Since that time my life has done a 180. I've completely healed the chronic pain condition I'd struggled with my entire life, and I've found a sense of joy and fulfillment that I never knew were possible for me. Plus, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I have I what it takes to handle any situation I encounter in this life, and for the very first time I feel truly free.


My mission is to end the suffering of as many women as I can by giving them the specific tools they need to become unf*ckwithable Warrior Women. 

I do that through: 

  • The Quantum Healing Intensive - The 1:1 healing space designed to help you quickly heal the unconscious source of one intense problematic pattern you're experiencing now so you can put it behind you for good. If you're going through an intense time and you want to make it stop FAST, and make sure it never happens again, then this is for you.

  • Warrior Woman University - The course that gives you everything you need to heal the unconscious source of any problematic pattern you face in life so you can become truly free, and create a life you truly love.

A Complete Turn-Around

Image by Camille Minouflet

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