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The Freedom Season

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Episode 10: How To Move Past The Pleasure Threshold That's Holding You Back

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You know how the shit always seems to hit the fan just when life starts getting good? Yeah, that's a pleasure threshold.

Have you ever had an experience where you’ve been working toward something you want, but it feels like you’re always taking one step forward and two steps back and you just can’t make any real progress?


It’s like there’s an upper limit that you’re having trouble getting past. Or maybe you’re finding that when things start going just right in one area of your life, the shit hits the fan in another. 


Not only do these kinds of circumstances keep you separated from your deepest desires and from freely living as your most authentic self, they also cause you to wonder if you’re ever going to be able to get what you want


Knowing what you want, but not being able to get it is one of the most difficult places to be in life.


You have a strong desire, and you’re being diligent and actively taking steps to make it your reality, but it just seems like no matter what you do, no matter how hard you try, it’s just not happening.


You can’t shut off that desire … you can’t stop wanting what you want, but you can’t seem to make it your reality either, and that causes soul-level frustration.


And it’s happening because of something called a pleasure threshold


In this episode I’m going to show you what a pleasure threshold is, how it comes to live inside you, and how you can get rid of it so you can break through your upper limit, receive your hearts desires and, most importantly, hold onto them over the long-term. 

You'l also hear ...
  • Why you might feel an inexplicable sense of guilt or sadness when you're about to reach a new level in life.

  • Why experiencing new kinds of pleasure could send you into into a major downward spiral.

  • Why prioritizing emotional safety could be making your life miserable.

So if that resonates with you, pop in those earbuds and press play on this episode!

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