Genevieve Joy is a Quantum Healer and transformative guide for Warrior Women across the globe. 

During her personal journey from victim to warrior she overcame multiple debilitating chronic health conditions that experts said were incurable, left a 14 year abusive marriage and completely transformed herself from a suicidal abuse victim into an empowered woman who truly loves herself and her life.


She's on a mission to make the world a better place by ending the suffering of as many women as possible who believe that in order for them to be valuable, receive the deep love they desire, and live a life that feels vibrant and deeply fulfilling, they need to make choices that ultimately cause them to feel dead inside by giving until they have nothing left. 

Genevieve specializes in giving women the tools they need to overcome any problem, no matter how impossible the odds, so they can heal their inner wounds, take control over their life.

Through her work inside her Quantum Healing Intensive and her upcoming Warrior Woman University, Genevieve helps women transform themselves from the self-sacrificing Martyr Women into Unf*ckwithable Warrior Women.

Genevieve is also a single mother to three incredible homeschooled children and two highly neurotic dogs. They live surrounded by books, love and the beach in Monterey, California. 

How  She  Helps

Genevieve works with martyr women to quit what she calls the Do More/Be Less Death Spiral. Martyr women are those who, through eons of social conditioning, have forgotten the truth of who they really are: a perfect creation of the Divine.  

They believe that perfection is something they can do or achieve, instead of who they are on a Soul level. So they try to earn their value by working and working and giving and giving until they are so depleted and exhausted they feel dead inside. 

The root cause of this is the belief that women need to earn their value, and that a good woman will sacrifice her own needs, desires and wellbeing to serve others. They hope that at some point, if they just work hard and sacrifice enough, someone else will come along and reward all that effort by giving back to them. But it never works, partly it's a broken system and partly because what every individual woman needs to have happen in order to feel deeply loved and accepted is unknowable to anyone but her. ​​​

Genevieve believes this can all be fixed by learning the Way of the Warrior Woman, which starts by undergoing what she calls The Great Remembering: returning to the truth of who you are on a Soul level by unlearning all of the social conditioning that caused you to believe that you are anything other than a perfect creation of the Divine. Then healing your past so you're not burdened with the weight of negative emotions, limiting beliefs and difficult experiences that are causing you to feel stuck in the present moment. Then moving your pleasure threshold and expanding your capability to receive your desires so they stick around for the long-haul. The final phase of the journey to becoming a Warrior Woman is to take brave action that will propel you toward your desires.

With all of these pieces in place, women are able to live a life that is truly vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling. They'll be able to live a life that is truly free in every because they know deep within them that they have what it takes to handle anything that comes their way.

That's when they become an unf*ckwithable Warrior Woman.

Her Story

Genevieve's road to the vibrant, empowered life she lives now was not an easy one. She was born into a highly dysfunctional family with two narcissistic parents who treated love and attention like a currency to be earned. She never felt like she deserved to be loved and accepted, and as a result she grew up feeling deeply unhappy. 


At the age of 2 she developed an intense chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis for which she was told there was no cure. At the age of 11 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the doctor of an acquaintance noticed the softball-sized tumor growing in her neck. While two surgeries and multiple follow-up treatments removed the cancer from her body, she was left with severe, chronic fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms that made day-to-day life difficult. 

Determined to move past her physical challenges and live a full life, she pushed past her lingering symptoms and became a standout collegiate student and athlete. 

By 2003, her relationship with her family had become so toxic that simply seeing her parent's phone number appear on her phone would cause her to vomit. She knew she had to extricate herself from that dysfunctional relationship, and that she couldn't do it on her own. 

She married a man who stood up to her parents and gave her the courage to do the same, without realizing that the same unconscious patterns that created her unhealthy relationship within her family were about to be played out again in what would become a 14 year abusive marriage.  

One night in 2017, during a particularly horrific altercation with her husband, he repeated a phrase that he'd said a million times before, but this time it opened something in her: "I'm not the problem. You are."

Right away she realized that, while his current behavior was totally unacceptable, he was right. Problems cause us to experience some level of pain, and in that situation she was the person experiencing pain, which meant she had both a problem and the power to fix it.

Still, the limiting beliefs she'd taken on during childhood told her that a better life wasn't possible for her, and that trying to be truly happy, fulfilled and vibrantly alive was a waste of time and energy. 

Then her oldest child said something to her that changed everything, "Mom, why don't you just leave?" In an instant she saw her life fast forward ten years. She saw herself begging her daughter to extricate herself from an abusive relationship and right away Genevieve realized that if she didn't find a way to end this destructive pattern her children would go on to repeat it. 

That realization was everything she needed to gather the courage and strength to file for divorce and hire the spiritual healer who would help her transform her life. 

With the help of her healer, Genevieve released the unconsciously held beliefs that were causing her to feel exhausted, unhappy and unfulfilled. She even completely healed the chronic pain condition she'd struggled with her entire life. After that experience, she knew she had what it takes to handle any situation she would ever encounter and that she was free to be, do and receive anything her heart desired. She also knew she'd found her calling.

Since then she's become certified as a Master Hypnotherapist and has been fully initiated into the ancient Polynesian healing art of Huna. She uses these tools to guide other women in remembering their Divine truth, healing their past, moving their pleasure threshold and taking brave actin toward their desires, so they can become unf*ckwithable Warrior Women. 

Signature Speaking Topics

  • How I ended a lifelong chronic pain condition and healed the after-effects of cancer without medical intervention literally overnight.

  • How to quit living like a Self-Sacrificing Martyr Woman and become a Unf*ckwithable Warrior Woman.

  • Why redefining what it means for you to be a "good woman" is the key to living a vibrant and joyful life.

  • The real reason mothers are universally exhausted and how to fix it for good.

  • Why "putting your own oxygen mask first" is the absolute worst way for women to approach self care and what to do instead. 

  • Why moving your pleasure threshold is the key to reaching your goals and finding fulfillment and how to make it happen.

  • How to stop the Do More/Be Less Death Spiral and create a life you truly love without burning yourself out (even if you're already feeling exhausted).

  • Why you have a duty to become wealthy, healthy and joyful and how to make it happen the easy way.

Past Appearances

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