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Become Your Own Savior

with Genevieve Joy

The Freedom Season

 Episode 3: Why Living on Autopilot is Robbing You Of Your Freedom

Episode 3: Why Living On Autopilot Is Robbing You Of Your Freedom

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THIS is how you can become the kind of woman who responds intentionally to her emotions and circumstances, instead of reacting automatically

If you’re in a place in life where you’re feeling chronically unhappy


... either you’re suffering with one big problematic pattern that just won’t go away

... or you’re feeling chronically unfulfilled because you’re not living as your most authentic self


… then it’s very likely that you’re not doing one incredibly important thing that’s mandatory if you’re going to be able to live a truly happy life. 


And here’s the kicker: a lot of women, especially women who have been hanging out in the spiritual mainstream for a while, are convinced they ARE doing it.


But the truth is if you don’t have all the happiness and freedom you want in your life, there’s an excellent chance you’re not doing this one important thing in the ways that really matter. 


So in this episode I’m going to show you what that one important thing is, and how to do it in the way that’s really effective, because if you do it wrong it can actually make things a lot worse.

You'l also hear ...
  • What does it look like to be a spiritually disciplined woman, and why should you care?

  • How to go from being spiritually asleep to fully awakened, and what will change for you when you do.

  • What does effective daily spiritual maintenance look like?

  • Why journaling isn't all it's cracked up to be, and what I recommend you do instead.

So if that resonates with you, pop in those earbuds and press play on this episode!

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