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Warrior Woman University

Learn how to heal the source of any problem you face in life and

become unf*ckwithable

If you're a spiritually-minded woman, who feels trapped inside a life that feels small, draining and unsatisfying ...

... you were told that with a regular spiritual practice you'd be able to magnetically attract the vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling life that is your birthright ...

... but despite all your hard work, nothing about your day-to-day life is changing, and you're starting to have serious questions about whether you're ever going to be able to manifest the life you want ... 

... then I have a question for you.

If you're doing "the work", then why are you still facing the exact same problems over and over again, and how can you go from ...

... to living the vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling life that is your birthright and feel:

... feeling chronically depleted, exhausted and frustrated because:

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you're giving (a lot) more than you receive

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no matter how hard you try, you just can't seem to put your most problematic patterns behind you for good

that vibrant and abundant future you know is meant for you always seems to be out of reach

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confident that you know how to get past any challenge you face

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capable of consciously creating a genuinely happy life, because you know exactly how to make your desires your reality

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joyful in the present moment and hopeful for the future because you know how to break through the invisible ceiling that's been keeping you trapped in a repeating cycle of frustration and deprivation

The answer is that the methods you’ve been using to try and stop those problematic patterns and create a life you love can't give you the results you want,

because they don’t have the power to heal the source of your problems,

and release your blocks to getting what you want to have instead.

Here's Why:



Journaling is an excellent tool for people who are just getting started on their self-discovery journey, but since it's purpose is to help you dig into the details of your situation, not access the solution that lives way above your problem,  journaling can actually cause your problem to become even more deeply entrenched and more difficult to resolve.


Meditation is wonderful way to access the peaceful and nourishing energy of your Soul, but unless you know how to harness that energy and use it to heal yourself, the best meditation can do for you is help you take a quick, mental vacation from your real-world problems. 

Energetic Alignment Rituals

Envisioning and aligning with the version of you who already has what you desire is a beautiful way to tap into the hopeful optimism that your future may hold for you, but it's not enough to override the unconscious programming that created your current reality. And until that unconscious programming is healed, it's going to continue to play out over and over again.


At the highest level, your Soul's one, true purpose is to spiritually evolve.

The way we do that work is by encountering challenging situations that illuminate the aspects of our being that are ready to be healed, so that more of our true Divine nature can be revealed.  

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That's why if you don't have the tools you need to complete your spiritual evolution, your life is going to feel a lot more like a slow march to death,

than the vibrant, joyful and fulfilling experience that is your birthright.


Warrior Woman University

learn how to heal the source of any challenge you face, so you can fulfill your Soul’s purpose in this lifetime, live as your most authentic self, and create a life that feels vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling


Program Detils


Warrior Woman




Take Control Of Your Life

Get the owners' manual to your own life so you can understand how everything in your reality is created on a quantum level, and reclaim your power to efficiently and permanently change anything you're not happy with. Once you get this, making big, lasting changes becomes simple and clear.



Heal Your Past

Learn how to use the Quantum Healing Process and heal the source of any challenge and unhelpful pattern you face in life so you can put them behind you for good and finally experience true, lasting peace. 

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Learn how to break through the Pleasure Thresholds that have been preventing you from experiencing true, lasting happiness in all areas of your life and expand your capacity to receive your desires so you can hang on to them over the long term.



Take Brave Action

Create a clear path to get from where you used to be to where you want to be in a way that gives you more energy than you put out.

 In Warrior Woman University I'll help you learn how to take control over your life and fulfill your Soul's purpose 

so you can consciously create the vibrant and abundant life you desire

and heal the world by healing yourself

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What's Included?

Warrior Woman University has the just-right combination of spirituality and strategy, to help you learn how to heal the source of your problems, and take brave action in the direction of your desires, so you can feel better fast and create life-changing results right here in the real world.

Instant, Lifetime Access To the Entire Course

Upon completion of your purchase, you'll get instant access to the entire contents of the course, including all 49 core audio lessons so you can learn how to heal the source of your biggest challenges while you carry on with the business of life.

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6 Guided Healings

Carefully placed throughout the audio lessons, you'll find 6 audio healings designed to address specific issues, including:

Healing your blocks to success

Healing any blocks between your conscious, unconscious and higher conscious mind

Healing the major negative emotions from your past

... and more!

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126 Page Fillable Workbook

The Warrior Woman University Workbook isn't some fluffy side-note that's stuffed full of glossy photos of me. In fact, the only photo is on the cover. All 126 fillable pages have been very carefully crafted, and revised multiple times, to create a seamless, step-by-step process to help you work through the self-discovery portion of the Quantum Healing Process, and gather the information you need to heal specific challenges that will likely arise on your journey to creating a life that feels vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling, so you always know where to turn for the information you need.

The Step-By-Step Warrior Woman Quantum Healing Process