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The Self-Paced Audio Course & Community with Genevieve Joy

Warrior Woman University

Learn how to heal the source of any problematic pattern you face in life, become truly free and create a life you truly love

At home and at work you sacrifice your time, energy and attention hoping that you’ll get just as much as you give, and in the end you’ll feel whole and happy. But you’re running on empty in lots of different ways, and now you're secretly asking yourself questions like, “Is this as good as it’s going to get for me?”

Sometimes you think to yourself, “I just need to tough it out until the kids get past this stage … or …Once I reach this milestone in my career … then everything will be fine.”  But it never works out that way.

You need hope, and assurance that the future will be different. You’re sure there are thoughts, beliefs and past trauma that need to go, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to heal them, but you don’t know how. 


You know that talk therapy, journaling and meditation might help you feel a little better for a little while, but what you want is something that’s going to make a dramatic difference in the quality of your everyday life, because you can’t be content with feeling half alive.

You’re a highly motivated woman, and you’ve worked hard to manifest the picture of the happy life you envisioned for yourself when you were a little girl. But now that it’s here, you’ve realized that something big is missing.

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What if you could find a way to stop feeling like life is something to be survived, and you could start feeling vibrantly alive without abandoning your responsibilities? 

If you knew how to use your difficult emotions, beliefs and circumstances to propel you into the life you desire, then you’d be truly free, wouldn’t you? You’d have everything you needed to …


  • Be free FROM the problematic patterns that keep playing out on repeat in your life, so you never have to suffer again

  • Be free TO live as your most authentic self, fulfill your soul’s highest purpose and create a life you truly love

  • Have the kind of unshakeable confidence that comes from having a long list of undeniable proof that not only can you successfully handle any challenge you face in life, you can use them to create an everyday reality for yourself that’s better than anything you could ever imagine.


And if you had that kind of confidence, you’d become a fully independent and self-contained woman. That means you’d be able to … 


  • Feel whole and complete, even though there are things about yourself that you still want to change

  • Know beyond a shadow of a doubt that your happiness and self-worth are not dependent on what you do or the person you’re in a relationship with. 

  • Know exactly who you are, what you want more of, and how to get it in just the right way. 

  • Become so energetically aligned that you’d radiate love, and be able to heal others simply by allowing them to be in your presence

That's the process of spiritual evolution, and it's your Soul's highest purpose in this lifetime. The reason why you feel like something big is missing from your life is because you don't know how to effectively do this work.

I created Warrior Woman University to teach you how to heal the problematic emotions, beliefs and past experiences that are keeping you from living as your most authentic self right here in the present moment, so you can feel vibrantly alive and become truly free.


Hey Love!

Hey Love! I’m Genevieve Joy, and I know what it’s like to feel half alive.

I’ve been practicing the art of people-pleasing like my life depended on it since I was a very little girl. I really thought it was my ticket to a happy life because I’d been conditioned to believe that good things happen to good people, and the way to be a good girl was to sacrifice your own wants and needs for the sake of others as much as possible. So I learned how to dissociate from my thoughts, emotions and even my body so I could focus my attention entirely on trying to work out what the person in front of me might want most from me, and how I could give it to them. I got so good at it that in fifth grade I won an actual trophy for being the most cooperative student in my elementary school. And when I got married and had children, I found new opportunities to sacrifice more and more of myself, until finally I reached a point where I felt like I was barely alive. 

Physically my body had broken down after so many years of extreme stress and neglect that every day I had to fight to ignore the crippling chronic pain condition I couldn’t get under control, and the chronic fatigue that made getting out of bed feel like a herculean feat of strength. Emotionally, I felt abandoned, and unloved when I finally came to terms with the fact that I’d been living in an extremely abusive marriage for 14 years, repeating the abusive pattern I’d lived with as a child. And mentally I had no idea who I was, or who I could be. I’d run out of hope, but my children needed me to find a way to become someone who could never be abused by anyone ever again. I needed to find a way to break out of the mental and emotional prison I was living in, and become truly free. 

So I set out on a quest to find true freedom: freedom from the problematic ways of being that were causing me to suffer, and the freedom to be my truest self. The problem was that I felt unconsciously compelled to repeat the thought and behavior patterns that landed me in that awful situation in the first place, and I recognized immediately that if I didn’t find a way to heal that unconscious compulsion I'd end up repeating that pattern over and over again. 

I started researching esoteric healing methods that could help me access and heal the unconscious source of my problematic patterns, and eventually I became certified as a Master Hypnotherapist and Shaman of Ancient Hawaiian Huna. I learned that there’s one big reason why each of us are alive: spiritual evolution. It’s your highest purpose, and if you avoid it, or you don’t know how to do it effectively, then you’ll experience soul-level frustration. And the way you do the work of evolving spiritually is by experiencing difficult emotions and experiences for the purpose of bringing your attention to the aspects within you that are ready to be healed. Then by using a healing process that has the power to access and heal the deepest layers of your unconscious, you can end that problematic pattern so you never have to suffer that way again. You’ll ascend into a new, more authentic way of being until the cycle repeats. 

I made doing this work my highest priority, and since then I’ve gone from being someone who was easily victimized and taken advantage of by every single person in my life, to being someone with unshakable confidence because I have stacks and stacks of real-life proof that I can successfully handle any situation I face in life, because I’ve already done the impossible over and over again. I used The Quantum Healing Process to completely and permanently heal the chronic pain condition that made me suicidal … something the top doctors in the U.S. said would never happen. I permanently ended the generational pattern of abuse that destroyed the lives of countless women in my lineage, and I know that’s true because my children have transformed from people who used to go along to get along, afraid to upset anyone, to people who bravely stand up for themselves when they experience disrespectful treatment … even by authority figures. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine my life could be this joyful, that I could feel this powerful.

But the thing that amazes me the most is that, even though I still encounter difficult situations (that’s a critical part of being alive), because I have everything I need to successfully handle them, my life gets exponentially better every single day.

That’s what I want for you: to give you the information you need to reclaim your power to heal the source of any problematic pattern you face in life, and the powerful healing process you need to effectively do that work.

The Warrior Woman Method is deeply transformational

These women’s stories are proof that with the right healing process you can do anything!
From Stuck to Free
- Maia, P.

“Just wanted to say that I’ve felt so stuck for so long, and I just don’t anymore It’s incredible! The amount of progress I’ve made with you is unbelievable. I feel so confident now that I really can have an amazing life because it’s already happening now. I can’t really find the words to tell you just how grateful I am, but girl … this process hs been so easy and powerful. It feels like magic! THANK YOU!!!”

With Warrior Woman University you can learn how to heal the source of any problematic pattern, as well as your blocks to living as your most authentic self, so you can become truly free.

Here's what's included with your enrollment: 
Instant lifetime Access To All of Warrior Woman University

126 page fillable workbook, and 44 convenient audio lessons available on an app, so you can up-level your life while you get on with the business of life. Modules include:

  • The New Student Orientation: Learn the sacred practices and spiritual rescue remedies that will help you start living like a Warrior Woman from Day 1. Plus learn how to create the time and space you need to learn and heal, even if you're a busy mom or working woman (or both!)

  • The Lessons and Healings:

    • In Phase 1 you'll learn how you current reality was created, so you can reclaim your power to create a new one that's more closely aligned with your most authentic self.

    • In Phase 2 you'll learn my step-by-step Quantum Healing Process for healing the source of any problematic pattern you face in life so you can stop suffering and become free.

    • In Phase 3 you'll learn how expand your capacity to receive your desire and hold onto them over the long-term, so you can finally break through the invisible barrier that's been keeping you from living the life you know you deserve.

    • In Phase 4 you'll learn how to take brave action to permanently move your life in a new direction in a way that gives you more energy than you put into the process.

  • The Self-Healing Audios​: Get my step-by-step Quantum Healing Process in a guided audio format that works like a choose your own adventure, so it feels like being in a 1:1 session with me.

  • Advanced Healing Tools: Take your healing to the next level and learn how to make quick and powerful shifts in your reality on a regular basis.

The Quantum Healing Process

The simple, yet incredibly powerful, step-by-step process to access and heal the source of any problematic pattern you face in life. This process will change the way you see yourself, your past, and what’s possible for you in the future.

6 Guided Constitutional Healings

Get targeted help for the challenging areas of life that everyone faces including: 

  • Neutralizing Any Fear of Success

  • Ending The Battle Between your head and your heart

  • Knowing your unique purpose

  • Healing The major negative emotions from your past 

  • Anchoring into your new identity

  • Healing your relationship to your biggest desires

Private Support from Genevieve

Get your questions answered in our monthly live calls with replays available in the course app

Invitation to Join Our Community

Access to our private Facebook group where you can meet like-hearted women, ask questions, receive support and share your wins

6 Rescue Remedies

These simple but powerful healing tools are designed to be used in those moments when you feel emotionally overwhelmed and you need big help fast, so you’re always healing, and never emotionally numbing

Get This Exclusive Bonus When You Pay In Full
30 Days of 1:1 Voxer Support

Finding the true source of your problematic patterns is going to require you to dramatically change the way you think about them, and that’s typically the hardest part for my students. With 30 days of Voxer support I’ll be there to give you unlimited Voxer support to help you rewire your neurology in the quickest way possible, so you’ve got it for life!

With The Warrior Woman Method you can become who you were always meant to be

Here are a few stories from women who have gone before you
From Painful Trauma to Real Self-Love
- Maria, T.

“I’ve been through a lot in my life, and everyone told me I’d just have to learn to live with the aftereffects of all that trauma.  But it was ruining my relationships, and keeping me from really enjoying my life. And when I started working with Genevieve all I was really hoping for was to feel a bit less sad and angry, but I can look back on those traumatic events now and I just can’t feel the same way I used to. I see them differently, and I see myself differently. I didn’t realize how angry and disappointed I was with myself, but I can honestly say that I really love myself now. And it happened so fast! That’s the thing about this work that’s kind of freaky. It goes deeper and faster than anything I’ve ever tried … and I’ve tried a lot.”


I remember thinking the same thing when I was in your shoes. My life was structured perfectly to help me fulfill my number one value at the time: helping others. It wasn’t until I realized that by making helping others my number one priority, I could never help myself because I’d never be included in the category of “others”.

I wasn’t about to allow myself to turn into a selfish asshole and shirk all of my responsibilities, and I also knew that if I didn’t find a way to create the space I needed to learn how to heal myself, nothing was ever going to change. And that was unacceptable to me.

Right about now you might be having a thought like, “I’m not sure I have the space in my life right now to take on this course.”

Once I realized that all I really needed was 15 minutes per day for learning, and 15 minutes per day for healing, creating those spaces felt a lot more realistic.

That’s why the very first thing we’re going to do when you join Warrior Woman University, is create those spaces. I’ll show you how to find that time in the way that works best for you … even if you have a busy career or a family of little ones that make it a challenge just to pee by yourself. 


And as you maintain your commitment to upholding those sacred spaces, you’ll be cultivating spiritual discipline and providing proof to your conscious, unconscious and higher conscious minds that you mean business, and that you don’t need to be nudged by the pain of your circumstances to make a change because you’re willing to do it now. This alone is more than enough to cause a major shift in your reality, and I’m going to guide you through the entire process.

Warrior Woman University Course Breakdown


Create the space you need to learn how to do healing work that really works, and access my rescue remedies, powerful healing tools you can start using from day 1 with zero knowledge of the Quantum Healing Process.



Learn how to break through the pleasure thresholds that are keeping you stuck, grow your capacity to receive your desires, and hold onto them over the long term.


Reclaim your power to heal at the deepest level by learning how you create your reality at the highest level.



Learn how to permanently move your life in a new direction in a way that gives you more energy than you put out, so you can never recreate that old problematic pattern again.


Learn how to use The Quantum Healing Process, the powerful step-by-step process for neutralizing the unconscious source of any problematic pattern.

It’s time for you to learn how to play the game of life the way it was meant to be played, 

so you can reclaim your power to create a life you truly love.

On your journey through this lifetime you’re going to reach places that you never want to be again, but unless you know how to stop unconsciously recreating those problematic patterns, you’re going to continue to revisit them over and over again at increasing levels of intensity. 


But when you learn how to use the Quantum Healing Process to find and heal the unconscious programming inside you that caused you to create that problematic situation in the first place, you’ll be able to use your difficult experiences to grow in ways that most people don’t, and do things that most people say are impossible. That’s going to give you a level of control over your personal reality that most people never have, and make you feel absolutely unf*ckwithable. 


And as you grow you’ll have desires for better health, relationships and wealth, and when you learn how to heal the hidden barriers that are keeping you from having those desires, you’ll feel truly free and you’ll have reclaimed your power to create the kind of joyful and fulfilling life that most people only dream of. 


Your physical health will improve, because it takes a lot of energy to force yourself to continue living a life of self-sacrifice, and can’t give you the true joy you’re looking for. When you stop using your energy in these unproductive ways, your unconscious mind becomes free to repair your body.


Your relationships will improve as well, because as you experience true self-love, you’ll expand your capacity to receive love from others. You’ll feel whole and complete, which means co-dependency and boundary issues won’t be problems for you anymore. 


And you can break your problematic patterns with money too, and finally accumulate the wealth you deserve.

Join Warrior Woman University now and learn how to become truly free.

Payment Options

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"I was empty, exhausted, and angry. It was one of the darkest times of my life. Now I have a completely new way of living." 

“You can’t talk your way into the level of healing that occurs in this space, talk therapy won’t get you there. And I can say that as a licensed psychologist!” I’m blown away by what happens when the talking stops and the true inner work begins. Your blueprint is different. The Quantum Healing Process rewires your blueprint and talk therapy won’t do that."

- Cynthia


"Never in my wildest dreams did I think I could feel this good about who I am." 

“I never knew I could become this absolutely confident version of myself.  This work is some of the fastest work you'll ever do to unlock the patterns you don't want to replay on repeat in your life.”

- Tanya



  • What kinds of problematic patterns can the Quantum Healing Intensive help heal?
    At the highest level all problematic patterns function the same way, which means they’re all heal-able with the same, high-level healing process. So it doesn’t matter if your unique problematic pattern is showing up in the area of love and relationships, health and wellness or career and finance; it has an unconscious source. And the Quantum Healing Intensive method is specifically designed to access and heal that source, so that the unconscious programming that created this problematic pattern is gone, and you never have to suffer this way again.
  • What if my problematic pattern is related to major trauma? Can the QHI help me get past that?
    Yep! The QHI is for women who are in an intensely difficult place in their lives, and that almost always involves some level of trauma. With the QHI we can heal the unconscious source of that trauma without re-traumatizing you, so you can become the kind of woman who could never be traumatized in that way ever again. What’s more, we’ll neutralize the energetic charge of that traumatic event, so you can reclaim that powerful energy and use it to propel your life in a brand new direction.
  • What if my problematic pattern is related to a health crisis? Can the QHI help me heal physically?
    It would be unethical for me to make any promises to you about physical healing, so I won’t. That said, I’ve used this method personally to heal a lifelong chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis, bring my non-functioning adrenals back to life when medicine couldn’t, and end an out of control thyroid problem, all of which the top doctors across the country told me were incurable. And I have QHI clients who were diagnosed with end-stage terminal illnesses (lymphoma and MS) who stopped medical treatment, completed the QHI and now have undetectable levels of disease in their bodies. So, while I absolutely cannot promise you anything in terms of physical healing, what I can tell you is that real physical healing is possible with this method, because the work we’re doing takes place at the deepest level of your unconscious … the aspect of you that’s in charge of controlling all your unconscious processes, including the healing and maintenance of your body. So, by making change at the unconscious level, you’re able to change everything that’s controlled by your unconscious. The best way to know that the QHI can help you is if there’s something inside you, even if it’s a small something, that says, “This isn’t who I am!”
  • What’s your refund policy?
    I’m incredibly confident in the power of this work because I’ve seen women use it to create real-life miracles over and over again, and I like to keep things simple. So if you ever want a refund for any of my products or services, all you have to do is send me a written request and I’ll have your money back to you in 30 days. But … we’ll never work together again in any capacity.
  • What if I have another question that isn't answered here?
    No problem! Send me a DM on Instagram and I'd love to chat about it with you.

It’s time for you to become who you’re meant to be, by learning how to live the way you’re meant to live.

If you’re ready to learn how to transform every challenge you face in life into a powerful opportunity for happiness, create measurable changes in your everyday reality, and join a growing community of like-hearted women, then come join Warrior Woman University now!

Your highest purpose in this life is to evolve spiritually, and when you’re doing that work well, the natural result is a whole new level of happiness, empowerment and freedom. By learning how to do this work you’ll be able to take control over your reality, and create less of the aspects that aren’t meant for you and more of those that are. That means big changes in your everyday reality, including improvements in your health, relationships and finances. 


It takes a lot of energy to force yourself to continue living a life that’s ultimately wrong for you, and can’t give you the true joy you’re looking for. When you stop using your energy in these unproductive ways, your unconscious mind becomes free to repair your body. 


You’ll also expand your capacity for love, so you can receive at least as much as you give, and stop repeating the same problematic relationship patterns. That means codependency and boundaries don’t have to be problems for you anymore, and you can find out what it’s like to have relationships with people simply because you want them, not because you need them in order to survive. 


And you’ll be able to break through the invisible threshold that’s keeping you from leveling up financially, and continually expand your capacity to receive more and more money so you can hold onto it over the long-term and accumulate real, life-changing wealth.

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