Quantum Healing Intensive

Reclaim your energy, own your self-worth, connect to your Soul and unleash your power to create a life beyond your wildest dreams.

 Ready to receive as much as you give and embody your Divine Feminine power to create the life of your dreams? 

Are you sick of feeling exhausted from chronically over-giving?

Are you tired of having others constantly violate your boundaries?

Are you done with working hard to make progress toward living the deeply fulfilled life of your dreams only to find yourself right back at square one?

 You're ready to ... 

Heal the emotions, beliefs and past trauma that are draining your energy and keeping you stuck in people-pleasing mode.

Restore your connection to your Soul so you can quit looking to others for acceptance and validation.

Find all the confidence you need to bravely take action toward creating a life that brings you true fulfillment and a wealth of abundance in all the right ways.

Put a stop to all that negative self-talk and connect to an inner wellspring of peace and joy.

Own your self-worth and use your spiritual gifts in a way that brings you even more energy that you give. 

Embody your power so fully that boundaries just aren't a problem for you anymore.


Create the freedom-filled life of your dreams.

 You have the power within you now to be and receive everything your heart desires! 

Your Soul knows the truth of this, even if the voice in your head tells you a different story sometimes.


You're not meant to live a half-assed life.

You're here to be a beacon of hope and change.


You're here to raise the vibration of the entire planet.

You were created to feel joyful, fulfilled and free.


That incredible life you see when you allow yourself to dream big? It's already yours!


The only thing that's keeping you from having it all now is the weight of the emotional baggage you've been carrying around with you since you were a little girl, trying to make peace with a world that felt beyond your control.

Let's release the emotional baggage that's been keeping you stuck so you can become the empowered woman you know you can be now!  

You've been through a lot in your life, and through it all you've accumulated a wealth of wisdom.

It's time to give the scared little girl in you access to all of those incredible resources so she can finally grow into the empowered, confident, radiant woman she was born to be. 

It's time to heal your life from the inside out so the brilliant light of your Soul can finally radiate freely.  

Quantum Healing Intensive


with Higher Self Healer Genevieve Joy


Introducing the

Reclaim your energy, own your self-worth, connect to your Soul and unleash your power to create the freedom-filled life of your dreams

You didn't consciously create your problems (that's crazy!) They happened unconsciously. 

That's why programs that work on a conscious level don't produce long-term results: they don't heal the unconscious emotions, beliefs and patterns that caused your current situation in the first place. 

With my Quantum Healing Intensive I can guide you in identifying and releasing the emotional baggage that has been keeping you stuck from its unconscious source. 

Hey Love! 

I’m Genevieve Joy, Higher Self Healer and Certified Master Hypnotherapist. I transformed myself from a suicidal abuse victim into the confident and joyful woman living out her Soul's purpose and positively impacting women around the globe you see today. 


Since starting my work as a Higher Self Healer, I've helped countless women to transform their lives by owning their self-worth and reclaiming their power to create the joyful, freedom-filled life of their dreams. 


If you’re ready to get right to the source of the beliefs and emotions that are causing you to feel trapped so you can find the freedom, confidence, connection and hope you've been looking for, I can help you make it happen. 

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"Since working with Genevieve the quality of my life has improved tenfold. I no longer feel overwhelming anxiety, sadness, depression, etc.
I feel peace that I didn’t know was possible. My outlook on life is positive, and for the first time I can imagine a real future for myself. I have been recommending her to everyone.”

- Melissa, Quantum Healing Intensive Client

How Quantum Healing Works 

Your Unconscious Mind is in charge of everything that happens outside of your conscious control, from running your body to storing and releasing your emotions, beliefs and past experiences. 


Every time you encounter an experience that you don't feel fully capable of processing, your Unconscious Mind stores the energy of that experience within a neurological pathway inside your body so it doesn't drive you bonkers and you can get on with your life. 


Each of those neurological pathways is triggered by a word. You'll know you've found one when you hear a word and you feel a visceral response to it. This is the mind/body connection at work!


Your Unconscious Mind groups together the neurological pathways that have a similar charge, and over time, those pathways that contain a not-so-pleasant energetic charge can grow to feel downright awful. 


By using my spiritual gifts, I can guide you in quickly and easily lighting up those neurological pathways, then deleting them. 

When this happens you won't be able to recreate those emotions, beliefs or patterns they held in place the same way again because the neurology that created them no longer exists. 

The result is true healing of your mind, body and spirit. 

Fear won't have the same charge for you. 

Beliefs like, "I'm not good enough" won't resonate in the same way anymore. 

Past experiences that used to play on repeat in your mind over and over again just won't bother you anymore. 

With each of our healing sessions you'll become more and more of your true, Divine self. 

Here's what you can expect to receive with your Quantum Healing Intensive 

 1:1 Quantum Healing Sessions

6 total hours of 1:1 Quantum Healing Zoom sessions so you can heal your life from the comfort of your own home

 VIP Access

Unlimited access to me via email and Voxer (it’s a free app that lets you communicate with me via voice and text) so I can guide you through anything that comes up for you in between our 1:1 sessions.

 Unlimited Remote Healings

I don’t have to be in front of your gorgeous face to work my magic! When you send me a report over email or Voxer and include the specific emotions or concepts that are coming up for you in between our sessions, I’ll guide your Higher Self in releasing those concepts at an unconscious level within one business day so you can receive deep healing while you’re working, playing or even sleeping! 

 Custom Manifestation Magnifier

I’ll create a custom guided meditation specifically designed to help you become a magnet for your specific soul-led life. Just like watering a seed, each time you listen to this healing audio, your ability to create your dream life will grow!

 Creating Clarity Guide

A guide to help you create a crystal-clear picture of the joyful, empowered and freedom-filled life that is your birthright so you can manifest your big goal the easy way.

 Emotional Alchemy Toolkit

My top tips and tools to help you navigate any challenges that arise for you once our work together has ended. 

A guided journal to help you begin to uncover the root-cause of your challenges around anxiety, self-worth, self-confidence, people-pleasing, nurturing and self-love.

 Self-Discovery Guide

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"I'm not the same person I used to be after working with Genevieve.
I used to have chronic pain and social anxiety. Since my break-through I've started doing yoga, made a handful of wonderful friends, and began a whole new career. Her work changed me on a cellular level and I'm so grateful I made this commitment.
She changed the entire course of my life!"

- Lori, Quantum Healing Intensive Client

The Quantum Healing Intensive Process 

 Phase 1: Self-Discovery

Our work together starts before our first session. Within 24 hours of receipt of your payment, I’ll also send you your Self-Discovery Guide. In it you’ll find unique journaling questions specifically designed to help you uncover the specific neurological pathways that we’ll delete during your first session


You’ll send me the answers to your self discovery questions at least 24 hours before your first session so that I have time to mine through them for the words that will light up the neurology we’ll delete during your first session. 


The deeper you allow yourself to go during your session pre-work, the more we can release during your first session. So far, the record for the most neurological pathways deleted during session 1 is 397, but I’d love to help you beat it! 


 Phase 3: Shadow Healing

During this two-hour session we’ll get a massive clean-up on the emotions, beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck. We’ll release all of the neurological pathways you uncovered in your session pre-work, plus all of the major negative emotions (anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, shame, jealousy, resentment and everything peripherally related to each of those pathways). 


After this session you can expect to feel an incredible sense of lightness, like a weight has been lifted from you. You’ll feel at peace and connected to your heart. 


At the end of this session I’ll give you a specific exercise to help you connect to your Higher Self and uncover the neurology I can delete for you with a remote healing, as well as the patterns that require a deeper dive during session two. 


You’re in charge of the depth of your healing. The deeper you take your between session work, the more neurological pathways I can guide you in releasing.

 Phase 2: Deep Clean


One week later we’ll meet again for our third, 1-hour Higher Self Healing Zoom session. This time we’ll shift our focus toward uncovering and releasing the blocks that have been keeping you from living as your true and radiant self. 


I’ll guide you in getting clear on the life you want to manifest, and what’s been keeping you from having it here in the present moment. Then we’ll release those blocks and anything else that has surfaced since our previous session. 


One business day after the end of our session, I’ll send you your custom Manifestation Magnifier, a quick and powerful audio healing designed specifically to help you become a magnet for your unique goal. Your assignment will be to listen to it at least once per day and send me the concepts that arise for remote healing. 

 Phase 5: Crystalize Your Vision

One week later we’ll meet for another 1-hour Higher Self Healing Zoom session where we’ll release any remaining blocks to creating your dream life that have surfaced for you since our last session. We’ll also do a thorough check of your feelings around your self-worth, confidence and anxiety and make sure that you have clear access to the resources you need to continue your upward evolution after our work together has ended. 


As a bonus, at the end of this session I’ll send you my Shadow Work Toolkit so that you have the tools you need to transform challenges into blessings and continue up-leveling your life.

 Phase 4: Envision Your New Future

Now that we’ve released a deep layer of the emotions, beliefs and patterns that have been keeping you stuck, you’ll have created space for even deeper layers related to anxiety, self-worth, self acceptance and self confidence to rise to the surface and be healed. 


One week after session two, we’ll meet for another 1-hour Zoom session to release the layers that have come up for you during the week in between sessions 1 and 2. We’ll also do a deeper dive into the patterns that required a closer look and check on the concepts that were released during your remote healing sessions. 


At the end of this session you’ll receive your Creating Clarity Guide which will help you to paint a picture of the life you WANT to have without those old limiting beliefs, unhelpful patterns and negative emotions that were keeping you from living as your empowered, Soul-aligned self. 


You’ll also continue to send me the emotions and concepts that come up for you during the week for remote healings. 

 Phase 6: Live As Your Next Level

Four weeks later we'll meet for our final 1-hour Higher Self Healing Zoom session where we'll release any remaining any blocks to your success that have surfaced since our previous session. I'll also make sure that you have a clear plan for remaining in alignment with your Higher Self and making forward progress toward living the joyful, freedom-filled life that is your birthright and making the massive impact that is your destiny.

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"My work with Genevieve was life changing! There are no other words to use.
Her approach, presence and connection to me as a client has allowed me to heal my life in ways I didn't know were possible. I have a new sense of confidence and empowerment now that I didn't before and now I know that anything is possible for me.

I feel the Universe led me to her."

- Cynthia, Quantum Healing Intensive Client

 If you WANT something different you're going to have to DO something different to get it. 

Let's be honest. 

The Quantum Healing Intensive isn't for everyone.


This is incredibly fast, deeply transformational work, and it’s only for women who are being called to do big things in this world and want to quickly move past their limitations. 


If that’s you, and you’re having doubts about whether it’s worth it for you to invest the time and money required to make it happen now, do yourself a big favor and learn from my mistakes


Many years ago when I first felt that calling, I told myself that the timing just wasn’t right, and that I needed to focus on other things.  What I didn’t realize was that by saying ‘no’ to my Soul, I was turning down the dial on my ability to receive abundance


I didn’t know then that your desires are your destiny, and that by choosing not to take action the first time I felt called, I chose the hard path to receiving them. My life became increasingly difficult until I had no other option but to trust my intuition and take that big step toward living the joyful, freedom-filled life I live now. 


 If you feel your Soul calling you toward a life of joy, freedom and fulfillment,


TRUST your intuition and take the easy road to the abundant life that is your birthright.