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The Quantum Healing Intensive

1:1 Huna Healing and Coaching
with Genevieve Joy

The Quantum Healing Intensive

Heal the unconscious source of your biggest problematic pattern, and move your life in a new direction without digging into your past

You’re an ambitious woman with high expectations for yourself, and you always find a way to reach your goals. So when you notice that something in your life is starting to go sideways, your first instinct is to jump into action and fix it.


And you’ve done that with this pattern … again, and again, and again. But despite your best efforts, you just can’t seem to end it. 


And the awareness that this problem is constantly running in the background of your life is draining your energy, and causing you to doubt yourself. 

You might secretly asking yourself questions like, 


“Is there something wrong with me?” 

“Am I just going to have to learn to live with this forever?”

“If I can’t do THIS hard thing, are there other hard things I can’t do?” 


You know that nothing good is going to come from this way of thinking, but you can’t make it stop. You’re afraid you might be entering into a major downward spiral, and that’s what’s making you start to panic. 


You know that everything you want most is right on the other side of this problematic pattern, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it stop for good. You just don't know how. 

You’ve been struggling with a big, problematic pattern for a long time, and no matter how hard you try and put it behind you, it just won’t go away for good.

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What if you could do a whole lot more than just end this problematic pattern? What if you could use it to end a higher level issue that’s impacting every area of your life?

I'll help you find the hidden, high level issue that's at the source of your problematic pattern, and heal it at a deeply unconscious level. That's going to create a transformation across all the major areas of your life, so you can also ...

That’s a whole lot of change in just 8 weeks, but because we're working at such a high level in the Quantum Healing Intensive, it really is possible to make it all happen.

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Improve Your Most Cherished Relationships

Right now this problematic pattern has filled up your emotional bucket, and that means you’re going to have a much lower capacity for handling the everyday stress that’s a normal part of life. And that can cause you to do and say things to the people you love most that you normally wouldn’t because you’re emotionally exhausted. So when this problematic pattern has been healed, you’ll have a lot more room in your emotional bucket so you can relax back into yourself and be the kind of mother, partner, and friend you want to be.

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Find The Peace You've Been Missing

You know that feeling you get when a loud, annoying noise finally stops? It’s such a relief, isn’t it? Your mind stops buzzing. Your body relaxes, and you feel like you can rest. That’s what peace feels like, and that’s what life is going to feel like for you when we end this problematic pattern.

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Improve Your Physical Health

It takes a lot of physical energy to keep yourself moving forward in spite of this problematic pattern. That means you don’t have the energy you require to maintain and heal your body the way you need to, so it might be feeling less like the temple of your Soul and more like a place where your Soul is trapped. But when this problematic pattern has been healed, you’ll see changes in the way your body feels and functions. And you’ll have a lot more energy to do the things you want.

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Improve Your Career And Finances

Experiencing chronic, soul-level frustration leads to big time self-doubt. That can pull your focus away from the career you’ve worked so hard for, and cause you to start second-guessing your ability to move forward in the ways you know you’re capable of. As a result, your career and finances can take a hit. But when this problematic pattern has ended, you’ll get a massive confidence boost, because you’ll have just done something you once felt was impossible.

Hey Love!

I'm Genevieve Joy, and I've been right where you are: frustrated, exhausted and desperate for a big change.

Back in 2017 I was at the lowest point in my life … trapped in an abusive marriage, suffering with two debilitating, chronic health challenges, and completely financially dependent on my husband with no family of my own to turn to for help. I was suffering in every conceivable way, and if I’m being really honest, death felt like the only way I'd be able to finally get some peace. But I had three children who needed me to find a way to dramatically change our lives as quickly as possible.


I knew I needed to leave my husband, but I also knew that wouldn’t be enough. The real problem was that I felt most comfortable around elusive people … and so did my mother, and her mother. What I really needed was to become the kind of woman who is impossible to abuse, so that I didn’t put my life on the line to leave my marriage, only to find myself right back in the same spot later … or worse … watch my children repeat this pattern again in their own lives. 


I tried all the mainstream methods, like talk therapy, journaling, meditation and affirmations, but the best they could do was help me to feel a little better for a little while. I wanted to make a big, lasting change in my everyday reality, so I started searching far outside the mainstream and stumbled upon hypnotherapy and quantum healing. I became certified as a master hypnotherapist and initiated into ancient Hawaiian Huna, then developed my own method for accessing and healing the source of my most problematic patterns. 

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About Genevieve Joy

With my method I achieved a level of healing that doctors and mental health professionals told me wasn’t possible. In just 30 minutes I completely and permanently healed the chronic pain condition that was destroying my life. I healed the unconscious programming inside me that caused me to feel comfortable around abusive people, so that now I know without a shadow of a doubt that there’s no way I could ever be abused by anyone again.

That’s why I’m so passionate about the work I do. I know what it’s like to suffer in every conceivable way, and I found out how to become someone who can never suffer in those ways ever again. 

You need to know that it doesn’t matter if your unique problematic pattern is playing out in the context of love and relationships, health and wellness, or career and finance.

All problematic patterns function the same way, and they all have an unconscious source.

And with the Quantum Healing Intensive I can help you find and heal it without digging up the pain of your past, so you can stop suffering, find peace, and permanently move your life in a new direction. 

Real results from women just like you

These transformation stories are so inspiring!
From Destructive Anger to Peaceful Relationships
- Carrie R.

“I just couldn’t figure out why I kept sabotaging my relationship with the man I love so much. We were fighting constantly because I had this explosive anger, and I was ready to pull the trigger on a divorce just so I could get some peace back in my life, even though I can’t imagine finding anyone I love more than him. But that’s all changed since I finished my Quantum Healing Intensive. I just don’t react the way I used to. I see him differently, I see our relationship differently, and I see myself differently too now. I feel like a whole new woman, but my husband says I’m just more of the woman he always knew I was.”

The Quantum Healing Intensive is an intimate and bespoke healing space 

Here's what's included: 
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8 Total Hours of 1:1 Healing

Using the most powerful unconscious healing tools available to us now, we’ll heal the source of your problematic pattern, the hidden tethers that are keeping it tied to you, and the blocks you have to getting what you want to have instead, so you can put it behind you for good and finally experience the peace of living without it.

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Digital Self-Discovery Worksheets

This isn’t a fancy journal. These are questions specifically designed to help you think about your problematic pattern in a way you never have before, so you can access the unconscious source of your problematic pattern and heal it during our first session, without digging up the pain of your past.

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Unlimited Voxer Support& Remote Healings

Our sessions are the spiritual equivalent of surgery, and the time in between our sessions is like being in the recovery room after surgery. With Voxer (an app that works like a walkie-talkie) I can be there to help you navigate the integration period after your sessions, so you can get the best results from our healing work. Plus, when it’s time to make brave new choices I’ll be right by your side keeping you accountable and giving you the loving push you need to move your life in a new direction.

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Custom Manifestation Magnifier

A short healing audio, custom designed just for you to help close the gap between where you are and where you want to be in the quickest and easiest way possible. between where you are and where you want to be in the quickest and easiest way possible.

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Custom Brave Action Plan

A step-by-step plan for bravely moving your life in a new direction, so you never have to wonder “What do I do now?” and risk stalling your forward progress, draining your precious self-belief, or worse ... recreating that old problematic pattern in a brand new way.

Plus you’ll also have the option to access these unique healing spaces only available to Quantum Healing Intensive clients
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Optional Continuing Support

After your 8 week intensive has finished, get continued Voxer support from me, and weekly remote healings so I can help you build on the momentum we created, give you the accountability, coaching, healing and high-level perspective you need to follow through with your brave action plan so you’re always moving farther away from where you used to be and closer to where you want to be.

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Optional Single Session Tune-Ups

Heal the source of a big challenge you face on your journey to getting from where you were when you started your QHI to where you desire to be instead. You’ve been consistently taking brave action toward your one, big desire, and you’ve run into a big obstacle that you’re having trouble getting past on your own. We can heal it in one session so you can move past it quickly, and avoid the frustration and burnout of spinning your wheels in the same spot.

This work is truly life changing

Here are more transformation stories from women who have gone before you
From Depressed & Overweight to Healthy and Free
- Brittany M.

"To say I hated my body would be an understatement. I’d been overweight my entire life, and tried everything you can think of to lose weight. My hair was falling out to the point that I had big bald patches all over my head, and I relied on some pretty nasty antidepressants just to make it through each day. I wanted to lose 100lbs and then try for a baby, but I was so unhealthy. That’s why I signed up for the QHI, and there’s no doubt about it, not only did Genevieve help me change my life, I think she helped me save my life. The way I see my body, food, exercise and just who I am as a person is completely different now. The depression is completely gone, and I don't need to take any meds at all. It’s been 5 months since I started, and so far I’ve lost 51lbs. I’ve lost weight before, but three months later I’ll gain it all back and then some, and I know that’s not going to happen this time because I just feel completely different about myself. I have so much hope for my future now, and I feel like I’m finally being the woman I always knew I could be.”

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Here's the thing: emotional wounds work just like physical wounds. That means we don't need to know a single thing about who did what to you or why they did it in order for you to heal the wound that's causing you pain.

Right about now you might be asking yourself something like, “I know my problem is related to trauma from my past. So how can I get rid of it without digging up all that pain again?"

In fact, poking around inside that wound is only going to hurt you. What you need is a healing process that has the power to access the unconscious source of the wound that's causing you pain. That's exactly what we do inside the Quantum Healing Intensive.  


The idea that you need to hurt yourself in order to help yourself is so prevalent that most women never think to question it. That's why I made a quick private podcast called Why Talk Therapy Isn't Working to help you understand why this is true. 

Here’s what makes this healing space so special:

The Quantum Healing Intensive Methodology

Day 1: Self Discovery

Uncover the real source of your problematic pattern, the juicy desire you dream of creating instead, and the ways you've been unconsciously keeping yourself tied to the life you want to leave behind and pushing away the reality you want so we can heal it all during our sessions.

Week 2: Shadow Work

Dive into your inner depths and heal the hidden aspects of your problematic pattern, and the identity you created around being the kind of woman who lives with it, so you can leave it behind for good in your second 2-hour Zoom session.

Weeks 4-8: Bravely Move Forward

Put a permanent seal on our healing work and move your life in a brand new direction by taking brave action to move yourself away from your current reality and toward the peaceful, joyful and freedom-filled life that is your birthright in a way that gives you more energy than you put out. At the end of our work together we'll meet for one final 2-hour Zoom session to clean up any remaining tethers and blocks that might be keeping you tied to that old problem.

Week 1: Heal Your Past

Using some of the most powerful healing energy in the Universe, we'll clean up a massive layer of the unconscious programming that's been tying you to this problematic pattern and the exhausting reality it created in a 2-hour Zoom session.

Week 3: Heal Your Future

Release your blocks to becoming the kind of woman for whom this pattern cannot exist, and the Pleasure Threshold that's been stopping you from getting there, so you can fully become the version of you who has put this pattern behind you for good in your third 2-hour Zoom session.

Optional Continuing Support

Receive ongoing support, coaching and healing once your Quantum Healing Intensive has been completed. You'll get continued Voxer support from me, and weekly remote healings so I can help you build on the momentum we created, give you the accountability, coaching, healing and high-level perspective you need to follow through with your brave action plan so you’re always moving farther away from where you used to be and closer to where you want to be.


You’re not meant to suffer.

Let’s end this problematic pattern now, so you can feel like more of the joyful and vibrant woman you were always meant to be.

You know that vision you have for yourself … the one that makes your heart feel so full it could almost burst? I believe that this problematic pattern is showing up now to help you become aware of the unconscious aspects of you that have been keeping you from making that vision your everyday reality. 


And the only reason why you haven’t been able to end this pattern on your own is because you don’t know how to access and heal that unconscious programming at its source, but I do. 


This work is simple and powerfully effective, and in 8 weeks the difficult situation you’re in now can be a shrinking speck in your rear view. And you can look back on this episode of your life as the time when you proved to yourself what deep down you’ve always known to be true: that you are an unstoppable woman, who is more than capable of being, doing and having anything you desire. 


So let’s use this tough situation to transform you into the kind of woman who could never suffer this way again, so you can catapult yourself into your next level of living without hurting yourself in the process.

Payment Options

QHI Payment Options

Eight weeks from now, this could be you!

From Devastating Grief to True Peace
- Pam F.

“I decided to start working with Genevieve because, two years after my son took his own life, I was still in a major downward spiral. I was carrying a ton of guilt and fear that he died because I wasn’t who he needed me to be. I felt like I’d not only failed as a mother, but I’d failed as a person, and I was having a hard time finding a reason to keep going. I tried talk therapy, but that didn’t really do anything for me, so I tried to just get on with my life hoping that as time went on I’d get better, but I didn’t. It only got worse, and it reached a point where I felt barely alive. But now, all that fear and guilt is gone, and I’m in a much better place in life now than I ever have been before. I don’t feel like there’s a hole in my heart where my son used to be anymore. I feel whole, at peace and optimistic, and I see my relationship with him in a really beautiful way now. My favorite part of the work Genevieve and I did together is that we didn’t get into ANY of the details of my past, so I didn’t have to feel re-traumatized. And yet it’s all been healed. I’m just so grateful.”

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  • What kinds of problematic patterns can the Quantum Healing Intensive help heal?
    At the highest level all problematic patterns function the same way, which means they’re all heal-able with the same, high-level healing process. So it doesn’t matter if your unique problematic pattern is showing up in the area of love and relationships, health and wellness or career and finance; it has an unconscious source. And the Quantum Healing Intensive method is specifically designed to access and heal that source, so that the unconscious programming that created this problematic pattern is gone, and you never have to suffer this way again.
  • What if my problematic pattern is related to major trauma? Can the QHI help me get past that?
    Yep! The QHI is for women who are in an intensely difficult place in their lives, and that almost always involves some level of trauma. With the QHI we can heal the unconscious source of that trauma without re-traumatizing you, so you can become the kind of woman who could never be traumatized in that way ever again. What’s more, we’ll neutralize the energetic charge of that traumatic event, so you can reclaim that powerful energy and use it to propel your life in a brand new direction.
  • What if my problematic pattern is related to a health crisis? Can the QHI help me heal physically?
    It would be unethical for me to make any promises to you about physical healing, so I won’t. That said, I’ve used this method personally to heal a lifelong chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis, bring my non-functioning adrenals back to life when medicine couldn’t, and end an out of control thyroid problem, all of which the top doctors across the country told me were incurable. And I have QHI clients who were diagnosed with end-stage terminal illnesses (lymphoma and MS) who stopped medical treatment, completed the QHI and now have undetectable levels of disease in their bodies. So, while I absolutely cannot promise you anything in terms of physical healing, what I can tell you is that real physical healing is possible with this method, because the work we’re doing takes place at the deepest level of your unconscious … the aspect of you that’s in charge of controlling all your unconscious processes, including the healing and maintenance of your body. So, by making change at the unconscious level, you’re able to change everything that’s controlled by your unconscious. The best way to know that the QHI can help you is if there’s something inside you, even if it’s a small something, that says, “This isn’t who I am!”
  • What if I have another question that isn't answered here?
    No problem! Send me a DM on Instagram and I'd love to chat about it with you.
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This moment can be the beginning of the end of the most difficult period of your life

This moment can be the beginning of the end of this difficult period of your life.

Submit your application for the Quantum Healing Intensive now, and I'll be in touch within two business days to schedule your phone consultation.

Here’s the truth: you didn’t consciously create this problematic pattern. It’s being controlled by your Unconscious Mind, and the one thing it wants most is safety. That means, as difficult as your situation may be, its existence is proof that you have what it takes to successfully handle it, because your Unconscious Mind would never allow this pattern to play out in your reality if you didn’t. 


Think about what that means for you! 


If you’re going through something right now that feels like it requires super-human strength to end … then what kind of woman does that mean you must be? A pretty fucking powerful one, that’s who! And you deserve to live like her because you ARE her right now. We just need to clean up some old gunk that’s keeping you from fully realizing that truth. 


And doing that work … that’s my specialty!

©2024 Genevieve Joy Quantum Healing

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