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More Peace.

More Freedom.

More Joy.

Heal the energetic source of your most problematic pattern in just 8 weeks, so you can permanently move your life in a new direction.

If you're a spiritually-minded woman, who's suffering under the weight of a problem that's been stealing your peace for a long time ...


... but no matter how hard you try to put it behind you, it just keeps coming back in one form or another ...

... and you want to put this behind you for good so you never have to suffer this way again ...

... then I have a question for you.

Why haven't you been able to put this problematic pattern behind you

so you can go from ...

... to living the peaceful life that's waiting for you on the other side of this pattern where you can:

... feeling chronically exhausted, defeated and unfulfilled because:

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you're not living as the vivacious woman you used to be because you've run out of energy for pretending like everything is fine

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feel the sense of lightness and ease that comes from releasing this emotional burden for good

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you're not able to give to others the way you want to because you're too emotionally exhausted from trying to show up for yourself

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have the freedom you need to be your true and authentic self

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you feel like a failure and a burden to others because you just can't find a way to let this go and be happy

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feel the joy that comes from receiving what you want to have instead of this pattern

The truth is there IS a really good reason why you can't seem to put that problematic pattern behind you for good and create the true happiness you desire,

but it's not what you think.

It's NOT because your situation is hopeless

The truth is that it may seem impossible because everything you’ve tried before hasn’t worked the way you wanted it to, but that’s only because you’ve been trying methods that didn’t have the power to heal the unconscious programming that’s creating your current reality.

No one consciously creates their problems. That would be insane. Instead, our problems happen at an unconscious level. That’s why trying to make big changes without healing that unconscious programming is just like trying to pull a giant load of bricks up a really steep hill - it's so difficult that it's practically impossible.

It's NOT because you're not capable of fixing it

The truth is that the energetic force that lives within every one of your cells is the exact same force that created the entire Universe and everything inside it. That means you have access to an unlimited capacity to create your life exactly the way you want it. 


Your only problem is that you’ve got some unhealed unconscious programming that's keeping you from harnessing your innate power.

It's NOT because you don't deserve to be truly happy now

Despite what you may have been told when you were young, surviving a lifetime of near constant hardship or chronically giving until you have nothing left doesn’t make you a good person, and joy isn’t something that’s only supposed to happen for you after a period of suffering.


So if you feel like you need to do something in order to earn the right to be truly happy, it’s because you have some unconscious programming that’s clouding your ability to fully realize who you truly are, and what you need most right now is to heal it from its source as fast as possible so it can quit blocking you from receiving all the blessings that are your birthright.


For all the time and energy you've put into trying to get past this, you feel like it SHOULD have happened a long time ago. 

Your daily life should feel peaceful.

You should feel excited about life and to pursue your passions and make a real difference in the world. 

You should feel free ... free from the weight of this problem, and free to live as the vibrant and joyful woman you know you were created to be.




Quantum Healing 


an 8-week VIP healing experience designed to guide you in healing the source of the most problematic pattern in your life so you can finally put it behind you for good

this deeply healing space has been carefully crafted to help highly motivated spiritual women (like you!) to go from feeling frustrated, exhausted and defeated to peaceful and free as quickly as possible.

I am 100% committed to guiding you in becoming the kind of woman for whom this pattern cannot exist.


Quantum Healing Intensive




Uncover the real source of your problematic pattern, the juicy desire you dream of creating instead, and the ways you've been unconsciously keeping yourself tied to the life you want to leave behind and pushing away the reality you want so we can heal it all during our sessions. 



Heal Your Past

Using some of the most powerful healing energy in the Universe, we'll clean up a massive layer of the unconscious programming that's been tying you to this problematic pattern and the exhausting reality it created.



Shadow Work

Dive into your inner depths and heal the hidden aspects of your problematic pattern, and the identity you created around being the kind of woman who lives with it, so you can leave it behind for good.



Step Into Your New Identity

Release your blocks to becoming the kind of woman for whom this pattern cannot exist, and the Pleasure Threshold that's been stopping you from getting there, so you can fully become the version of you who has put this pattern behind you for good.



Bravely Move Forward

Put a permanent seal on our healing work and move your life in a brand new direction by taking steps to move yourself away from your current reality and toward the life the peaceful, joyful and freedom-filled life that is your birthright in a way that gives you more energy than you put out. 

How can I know if I'm a good candidate for the Quantum Healing Intensive?

This is for you if:

You're DONE with living with this problematic pattern, and you're willing to let go of everything that's stopping you from being the kind of woman who has what you desire.

You no longer care about seeing a change in the person who may have hurt you. Your only concern now is ending your own suffering, so you can have the peace, joy and freedom you deserve.

You're fully committed to taking charge of your future and diving as deeply into yourself as you can for the next 8 weeks, so you can heal as deeply as possible.

This is not for you if:

You feel like you can't move on until the person who hurt you faces justice.

You feel like the one thing you need most is to have your emotions validated.

You feel like you're not in a position to put more effort into changing, and what you really want is for someone else to make it all go away. 

How can I get a taste of the power of the Quantum Healing Intensive so I know what it's like?

Let me guide you through a quick but potent healing session so you can get a feel for what to expect.


I've guided women to heal the source of problems they once thought were insurmountable



How Jessie completely changed her health and the trajectory of her life  career with the Quantum Healing Intensive when nothing else worked.

Who will you become when you've finally put this problematic pattern behind you for good?


I remember sitting in my car after breaking up with my therapist when I realized she couldn't help me heal the source of the unconscious programming that caused me to feel so unhappy and hopeless that I seriously considered suicide, and thinking to myself,


"I'm done ... not with living, but with not REALLY living. Even though I'm emotionally and physically exhausted and I have some serious doubts about whether I have what it takes to create a life that feels truly joyful, vibrant and fulfilling, I'm going to choose to trust that I can do this because I refuse to pass this pattern of surviving instead of thriving on to another generation so they can try to figure out how to end it. I'm a f*cking warrior, and I'm going to be the one to end this so I can show other women how to do it too, and together we can change the world."

If I hadn't chosen to trust that my desire for true, lasting happiness was in fact my destiny, and that I really did have what it takes to make it a reality, I can't imagine where my kids and I would be now. They've watched me suffer, and now they know what it takes to thrive. 

Imagine what would happen for you, and those you love most, if you had all the trust you needed in order to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the vibrant and fulfilling life you desire is in fact your destiny. You just need a plan to get you from where you are now to where you want to be, and the right tools to get the job done.

I believe in you, Warrior Woman!

Much love,