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Become Your Own Savior

with Genevieve Joy

The Freedom Season


Episode 7: How To Truly Let Go, Heal And Move On For Good

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What would change for you if you knew how to heal the source of any problematic pattern you faced in life? 

In this episode I’m going to give you a birds eye view of what it takes to become the kind of woman who knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has what it takes to successfully handle any situation she faces in life.


It doesn’t matter whether a problematic pattern is showing up for you in the context of love and relationships, health and wellness or career and finance … they all happen in the same basic way, which means we can use the same basic process to fix them.


The key is to understand that no one consciously creates their problems.


Their source is found deep within your unconscious.


So if you’re not using a healing process that has the power to access and heal that unconscious source, then it’s going to be extremely difficult for you get rid of that problematic pattern for good.


In fact, when it comes to your most energetically intense and prolonged patterns, getting rid of them without a powerful unconscious healing tool might feel so difficult that for all practical purposes it's impossible.


So in this episode I’m going to show you the big picture of what it looks like to heal all problematic patterns so you never have to suffer again, and you can become truly free.

You'l also hear ...
  • Why true healing isn't about getting rid of the crap in your life. It's about getting rid of the factories inside you that are making all that crap, so you can't make that crap anymore.

  • How to reclaim your power to become truly free.

  • Why healing alone isn't enough, and what you need to do to permanently move your life forward in a new direction.

So if that resonates with you, pop in those earbuds and press play on this episode!

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