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Heal Your Anxiety

A Virtual Workshop for Spiritually Minded Women

Friday, January 20th 1PM PST

If you're a spiritually-minded woman who feels stuck in a cycle of chronic fear and exhaustion ...

... and you're ready to:

... and you're done with:

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wasting time and energy on "stress relief" practices that only have the power to help you feel a little better for a little while.

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lying awake at night, trying to distract yourself from falling down another scary mental rabbit hole.

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worrying about how you're going to make it if one more hard thing happens, since you feel like you're barely able to hold your life together now.

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feeling too physically drained from your chronic lack of sleep and constant mental and emotional overwhelm to really participate in your own life.

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heal the source of your overwhelming fear so you can make smart choices that will help you move your life in a new direction.

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reclaim the peace your anxiety has stolen from you.

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connect to a renewed sense of hope for your future.

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restore the energy your chronic anxiety has been draining from you, and use it to create that bright future your new reality.

Then it's time to heal the source of your chronic anxiety on a quantum level, so you can permanently move your life in a new direction.

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And to do that, we need to take care of two things:

your fear from the past, and your fear of the future.



If you're carrying around lots of fearful emotions about things that happened to you in the past, then you'll have lots of inappropriately fearful reactions to the normal occurrences of everyday life. 

Getting caught up in that cycle is physically and emotionally exhausting.

And to make it stop, we need to heal the emotions from your past that are causing you to respond with inappropriate levels of fear in the present moment, so you can reclaim your peace and see the path in front of you that leads to a brighter future. 


Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that SHOULD make us feel afraid because they're terrible, and our fearful emotions serve the purpose of spurring us to get out as quickly as possible. In these kinds of situations when a real-life monster really is out to get you, it would be dangerous for you to sit down and have a good cry, or try to distract yourself by imagining you're somewhere else or to stand still, paralyzed by your fears.


That's why we also need to neutralize any problematic emotions you may have around making brave new choices to quickly move yourself out of the line of fire and into a new, more peaceful way of being.

Here's how we're going to do that work:



Self Discovery

During our workshop I'll walk you through a series of carefully crafted questions, specifically designed to help you uncover the root-cause of your chronic anxiety, the energetic tethers that have been keeping it attached to you, and the choices you've been making (and avoiding) that have contributed to your chronic anxiety, so that when healed, you can release this problematic pattern for good.



Quantum Healing

Once we've uncovered the source of your fearful emotions, and all the ways they've been tethered to you, I'll guide you in healing them all with one of the most powerful healing tools available to us in the physical realm: Ancient Hawaiian Huna. In just a few minutes you'll be able to dive straight to the source of this problematic pattern and heal it for good so that once we're done, you'll feel like a whole new woman. 



Bravely Move Forward

It's not possible for you to feel OK about being in a situation that's wrong for you. That's why it's critical that, once your healing has been completed, you take appropriate action to bravely move yourself away from the circumstances that are dangerous to your wellbeing, and move yourself onto a new, more peaceful path that will lead you toward a life that feels vibrant, joyful and fulfilling. I'll help you get clear on what those new choices are and make sure you have the motivation you need to make them happen.


Here's what you'll get when you reserve your space:

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Instant access to the editable PDF Self-Discovery Guide.

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Access to the live workshop Zoom link

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Access to the workshop replay

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Access to the Quantum Healing Made Simple private Facebook Group, where you can ask any questions you may have about your Self-Discovery Guide.


I'm a Master Hypnotherapist, Quantum Healer and recovered self-sacrificing people pleaser. 

Using the same powerful healing tools I now use with my clients, I made real-life miracles that doctors and therapists told me were impossible, including:

Instantly and permanently healing a life-long chronic pain condition that top doctors around the US said was was incurable.

Ending the pattern of generational abuse that ran rampant throughout my family.

Ending my own pattern of chronic anxiety and depression so I could gather the courage and physical strength I needed to leave a 14 year abusive marriage.

I know exactly how it feels to feel completely hopeless, helpless and worthless, and I know what it takes to create true lasting happiness because I've done it.


That's why I love guiding these transformational workshops, because they allow me to fulfill my Soul's purpose of guiding as many women as possible to heal their problematic patterns on a quantum level so they can live the vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling lives that are their birthright.

If we haven't met before, I'm Genevieve Joy!

Quantum Healing

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