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Genevieve Joy is a Master Hypnotherapist and Quantum Healer for spiritually-minded women who want to put an end to their biggest problematic patterns in the areas of love and relationships, career and finance or health and wellness, but they don't know how. Genevieve is an expert at helping women answer the question, "Why does this keep happening, and how can I make it stop for good, not just for now?"

Using the same powerful healing tools she now uses with her clients and students, she made real-life miracles that doctors and therapists told her were impossible. She instantly and permanently healed a life long chronic pain condition that the top US doctors told her was incurable, and, after leaving a 14 year abusive marriage, she ended the pattern of abuse that had been silently destroying the women in her family for generations. 


Her purpose in this lifetime is to help as many women as she can to heal the source of their chronic suffering, and show them how to become truly free. 

Who She Serves

The women who benefit most from her work are those who want to let go of big problematic patterns, but don’t know how. Maybe they’ve been doing “the work” for a while now, but they’re still experiencing the same kinds of struggles with their finances, relationships or health and they want to know why “the work” isn’t working. Or maybe they’re just beginning their spiritual journey, and they don’t know how to let go of the things that are causing them to be unhappy, or how to get more of the things that make them feel satisfied and fulfilled, or how to live as their most authentic selves. 


Either way, they’re not interested in emotional bandaids or spiritual busywork. They’re committed to doing the deep ongoing work of healing anything that’s preventing them from receiving their heart’s desires and knowing, speaking and living their highest truth.

How  She  Helps


Quantum Healing


In this 1:1 healing space, Genevieve guides her clients to heal the unconscious source of their biggest challenges so they can permanently move their lives in a new direction.

The Quantum Healing Intensive is designed to help spiritually-minded women who have been suffering under the weight of one, big problematic pattern that's been stealing their peace for a long time, but no matter how hard they try to put it behind them it keeps coming back in one form or another. 

In just 8 weeks, she helps her clients go from feeling chronically exhausted, frustrated and defeated because ...

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they're not living as the vivacious woman they used to be because they've run out of energy for pretending like everything is fine ...

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they're not able to give to others the way they want to because they're too emotionally exhausted from trying to ignore their overwhelming emotions so they can carry on with the business of life ...

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they feel like a failure and a burden to others because they just can't find a way to be truly happy ...

... to living the peaceful life that's waiting for them on the other side of their most problematic pattern where they can:

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feel the sense of lightness and ease that comes from releasing this emotional burden for good ...

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have the freedom you need to be your true and authentic self ...

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feel the joy that comes from receiving what you want to have instead of this pattern

Warrior Woman


In this hybrid self-paced course and group coaching program, Genevieve teaches spiritually-minded women how to heal the source of any challenge they face in life so they can become truly free. 

Warrior Woman University is specifically designed to help women fulfill their soul's highest purpose: spiritual evolution through meeting, healing and moving past live's challenges, so they can live as their most authentic selves, and create lives that feel vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling.

In this course they learn how to:

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Take control over their lives by learning how everything in their reality is created on a quantum level, so they can reclaim their power to stop creating their problematic patterns, and start creating the reality they want. 

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Use the Quantum Healing Process to heal the source of any challenge and unhelpful pattern they face in life, so they can end them for good and finally experience true, lasting peace. 

Break through the Pleasure Thresholds that have been preventing them from experiencing true, lasting happiness in all areas of their lives, and expand their capacity to receive their desires so they can hang on to them over the long term.

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Create a clear path to bravely move from where they used to be to where they want to be in a way that gives them more energy than they put out.

Her Story

Genevieve's road to the vibrant, empowered life she lives now was not an easy one. She was born into a highly dysfunctional family with two narcissistic and abusive parents. As a result, she felt deeply unloved and unlovable.


At the age of 2 she developed an intense chronic pain condition called interstitial cystitis for which she was told there was no cure. At the age of 11 she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer after the doctor of an acquaintance noticed the softball-sized tumor growing in her neck. While two surgeries and multiple follow-up treatments removed the cancer from her body, she was left with severe, chronic fatigue, brain fog and other symptoms that made day-to-day life difficult. 


​Determined to move past her physical challenges and live a full life, she pushed past her lingering symptoms and became a standout collegiate student and athlete. 


By 2017, Genevieve found herself at the lowest point in her life. She’d spent the previous 14 years living in an abusive marriage. She wanted to leave, but she felt obligated to stay and protect her three children from their father. Plus, the interstitial cystitis pain she had since age 2 had become so intense that it would cause her to vomit or pass out on a regular basis, which left her feeling incredibly physically vulnerable.

Because of all this, she believed her life would never change for the better.


Then, something happened that completely changed the way she saw herself and her future, which gave her the strength she needed to file for divorce and forge a new path for herself and her children.


She spent every evening and weekend studying esoteric healing methods, and used one small piece of The Quantum Healing Process she now uses with her clients and students to instantly and permanently heal the interstitial cystitis pain that doctors said was impossible to cure. 


​Since then she’s earned a certification as a Master Hypnotherapist and been fully initiated into the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Huna. She used her own method to heal the unconscious programming that contributed to the continuation of generations of abuse and chronic people-pleasing.


She’s become unf*ckwithable, and she’s devoted her life to guiding other women in ending the problematic unconscious patterns that are causing them to suffer so they can become truly free.

Signature Speaking Topics

Spirituality & Personal Growth


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Why "the work" isn't working: How to heal your deepest emotional wounds and your most problematic patterns, so you can become free. 

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Astrology + The Quantum Healing Process = A Match Made In Heaven: How to heal your karmic baggage and neutralize your blocks to fulfilling your destiny

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How to fulfill your Soul's purpose and live as your most authentic self.

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How I stopped living like a chronic people-pleaser, and became a powerfully confident woman.

Career & Finance


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Why you can't seem to stop struggling financially, even though you've been working hard to change your spending and saving habits?

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How I healed my relationship to money and got out of financial survival mode as a single mom to three homeschooled kids.

Health & Wellness


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How I instantly healed a life-long chronic pain condition that doctors said was incurable with The Quantum Healing Process.

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Why you can't seem to hit your health and wellness goals, even though you've been working hard to change your eating and exercise habits.

Love & Relationships


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Why you keep finding yourself in the same kinds of problematic relationships, even though you've been working hard to create healthy relationships.

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How I ended a generational pattern of abuse and became unf*ckwithable.

Past Appearances

Screen Shot 2021-09-20 at 9.28_edited.jpg

Love Your Anxiety

with Emilie Clarke

How you can have massive healing moments with just your thoughts and Genevieve's techniques.

Aligned and Free Show.JPG

The Aligned and Free Show

with Shakia Mayer

What it really takes to transform yourself from victim to empowered woman.

Victim to Victory

with Tracey Cook

How I ended a lifetime of victimization and abuse and created lasting and happiness and fulfillment.


Victim to Victory_edited.jpg

Tips for the Transition

with Maria Tomas-Keegan

Why trust is the secret ingredient to getting your goals and how to get more of it.


For more information about Genevieve's work, your listeners can visit


connect with her on Instagram @iamgenevievejoy

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