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Genevieve Joy is a Master Hypnotherapist for women who want to heal the unconscious source of their problematic patterns. 


Over the past 6 years Genevieve has helped women to do the “impossible”, including ending chronic health conditions doctors said were incurable, stopping generational patterns of abuse without becoming martyrs, and transforming from suicidal and hopeless self-sacrificers, into powerful warrior women. 


Her mission is to help women become their own saviors, so they can stop suffering and live deeply fulfilling lives. She avoids emotional band-aids and spiritual busy-work, and only uses healing tools that have the power to make the bad shit stop as quickly as possible, and bring in more of the love, health and wealth that is your birthright.


Known by her friends as the Mary Poppins of Metaphysics, you can find Genevieve, with her nose in a book, and her toes in the sand of the beaches of Monterey, California where she lives with her three children and two slightly neurotic dogs.

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