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Hey, Love!

I'm Genevieve Joy

I help ambitious women heal the unconscious source of their past trauma and problematic patterns without digging up their past.

Here's How I Can Help:


Private Podcast

Get quick, weekly stories that show you what it looks like to live as the feminine warrior you were created to be, so you can stop suffering and become truly free ... now! 


Public Podcast

Become Your Own Savior is a serial style podcast, where each season we take a deep dive into what it really takes to put a stop to your most problematic patterns, so you can become truly free and live a life you truly love.



Learn why your problematic patterns keep coming back despite all your hard work, and get my 4-step process for healing their unconscious source so you can stop suffering and become free.

©2024 Genevieve Joy Quantum Healing.

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