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How do I join Warrior Woman University?



Secure Your Seat

Make your $1,000 payment in full and receive a $250 discount, or spread your payments over five months.


Once you've secured your seat, you'll get immediate, lifetime access to all course materials, and access to the WWU Sisterhood where you can get support from me and other like-hearted women and attend our monthly live calls to dive even deeper into concepts related to quantum healing and get your specific questions answered during the Q&A. All calls will be recorded and made available for replay in the course app.



Take The New Student Orientation

Login to the WWU Student Portal and begin the New Student Orientation, where I'll show you exactly what you need to do to access the course app, audio lessons, the guided Quantum Healing Process and the live call replays. 


I'll also guide you through a powerful spiritual initiation to create a clear, defining line between the life you used to live and the life you're moving toward. Then I'll help you create the space in your life that you'll need to complete the lessons and do deep healing work so you can be sure to make the most of your investment.



Begin the Lessons and Healings

Listen to the audio lessons from the course app, so you can learn how to up-level your life while you get on with the business of doing life.


Then set aside time to receive the deep quantum healings that are strategically placed throughout the course to help you heal everything from the major negative emotions you've been carrying around with you from your past to integrating your Conscious, Unconscious and Higher Conscious Mind so they can all work efficiently together to help you reach the destination of your desires as quickly as possible.

Hop in, woo-woo women!


Warrior Woman Method

We're moving to Happy Town!

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Step 3

You Create True, Lasting Joy and Fulfillment

Combine the strategic and the sacred with a Brave Action Plan for permanently moving your life away from that old problem so it can never happen again, and a Simple Daily Ritual to make sure you get from where you are to where you want to be in a way that actually gives you more energy than you put out.


Step 1

You Get Control Over Your Life

Get the owners' manual to your own life so you can understand how everything in your reality is created on a quantum level, and reclaim your power to efficiently and permanently change anything you're not happy with. Once you get this, making big, lasting changes becomes simple and clear.

You Experience True Peace

Create an energetic map of the problem that's causing you to feel chronically unhappy so you can heal it from its source, and stop feeling chronically exhausted by problems that won’t go away and frustrated by desires that always seem to be out of your reach

Step 2

You're living the vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling life that is your birthright. 


You know exactly what to do to get past any problem you face in life, and you know exactly how to get more of what you want without exhausting yourself in the process, which gives you an incredible level of confidence because you really do have what it takes to handle anything that comes your way. 


That's what makes you unf*ckwithable!

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What you're really risking by continuing to use these strategies isn't your time, energy or money.


It's your self-trust. 

And when you have doubts about whether you're ever going to be able to feel truly happy and fulfilled, that's when life starts to feel bleak, and putting any effort into making big changes starts to feel a bit pointless. 


Then the real downward spiral happens: You can't stop yourself from wanting your desires, but without a way to make them your reality you'll feel even more frustrated, hopeless, unfulfilled with every passing day.

How can you go from ...

... to living the peaceful life that's waiting for you on the other side of this problem where you can:

... feeling chronically exhausted, defeated and unfulfilled because:

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you're not living as the vivacious woman you used to be because you've run out of energy for pretending like everything is fine

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feel the sense of lightness and ease that comes from releasing this emotional burden for good

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you're not able to give to others the way you want to because you're too emotionally exhausted from trying to show up for yourself

Gold Glitter Circle.png

have the freedom you need to be your true and authentic self

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you feel like a failure and a burden to others because you just can't find a way to let this go and be happy

Gold Glitter Circle.png

feel the joy that comes from receiving what you want to have instead of this problem

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Let me know if this sounds familiar ...

you're exhausted on a Soul level from trying for so hard and so long to put this problem behind you so you can finally be happy.

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you're beyond frustrated from not getting the results you want 

you're starting to wonder if there's something wrong with who you are, if you're just supposed to suffer through life, or if the Universe is against you

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Here's the deal:

There's a really good reason why you can't seem to put your problems behind you for good and create the true happiness you desire.

And it's NOT because your situation is hopeless

And it's NOT because you're not capable

And it's NOT because you don't deserve to be truly happy

Are you ready to live a life that feels vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling no matter what circumstances you face in life?

With the Warrior Woman Method you can learn how to do deep healing work that really works so you can:

Heal the energetic source of any problem you face in life and quickly move past it

Experience true happiness without trying to brainwash yourself into thinking everything's fine when it's definitely not

Become the (s)hero of your own story

Let's get real. 

The Quantum Healing Intensive isn't for everyone.


This is incredibly fast, deeply transformational work, and it’s only for women who are being called to do big things in this world and want to quickly move past their limitations. 


If that’s you, and you’re having doubts about whether it’s worth it for you to invest the time and money required to make it happen now, do yourself a big favor and learn from my mistakes


Many years ago when I first felt that calling, I told myself that the timing just wasn’t right, and that I needed to focus on other things.  What I didn’t realize was that by saying ‘no’ to my Soul, I was turning down the dial on my ability to receive abundance


I didn’t know then that your desires are your destiny, and that by choosing not to take action the first time I felt called, I chose the hard path to receiving them. My life became increasingly difficult until I had no other option but to trust my intuition and take that big step toward living the joyful, freedom-filled life I live now. 


Your Soul knows the truth of this, even if the voice in your head tells you differently sometimes. 

You're not meant to live a half-assed life. You're here to experience an abundance of pleasure, comfort and joy. You're here to be a beacon of hope and change for the entire world, and raise the vibration of the entire planet. 

You were created to feel joyful, vibrant and free. 

That incredible life you see when you allow yourself to dream big ... it's already yours! The only thing that's keeping you from having it now is the weight of the emotional baggage you're carrying around with you since you were a little girl, trying to find peace in a world that felt out of control.

You've been through a lot in your life, and because of that you've accumulated a wealth of wisdom. 

It's time to give that scared little girl in you access to all of those incredible resources so she can finally grow into the empowered, confident, radiant woman she was born to be.

It's time to heal your life from the inside out so the brilliant light of your Soul can finally radiate freely.


The Quantum Healing Intensive



8-10 total hours of 1:1 quantum healing sessions via Zoom, to delete the neurological pathways within you that create the unique constellation of emotions, thoughts and behaviors that are contributing to your problem. 



The support and encouragement you need to take brave action toward your desires from someone who's been where you are and made it to the other side.

Unlimited VIP access to me via email and Voxer so I can be there to guide you through anything that comes up between our sessions.

Unlimited remote healings so you can receive deep, energetic healing while you carry on with life.

PDF Self-Discovery Guide to help you uncover the root-cause of your current situation.

A custom guided meditation specifically created to help you become a magnet for your unique, Soul-led life.


PDF Crystalize Your Future Guide to help you clearly envision the life you want to create without your current problem.

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"My work with Genevieve was life changing! There are no other words to use.  Her approach, presence and connection to me as a client has allowed me to heal my life in ways I didn't know were possible.


I have a new sense of confidence and empowerment now that I didn't before and now I know that anything is possible for me. I feel the Universe led me to her."

- Cynthia

"I'm not the same person I used to be after working with Genevieve.  


I used to have chronic pain and social anxiety. Since my break-through I've started doing yoga, made a handful of wonderful friends, and began a whole new career.


Her work changed me on a cellular level and I'm so grateful I made this commitment.  


She changed the entire course of my life!"

- Lisa

I've created a FREE mini higher self healing session to guide you in transforming your fear into the personal power you need to confidently create the joyful life you desire. 

It's supercharged with some of the exact healing tools I use every day to create quantum level change both for myself and my clients, so you can begin to release your blocks to living as your true, Divine self right now.


In this FREE mini-healing session I'll guide you to:


  • Release deeply held layers of the fears, anxiety and overwhelm that have been keeping you stuck so you can begin to shed the emotional weight you've been carrying around. 

  • Release layers of the blocks that have been keeping you from experiencing the freedom, joy and empowerment that are your birthright. 

  • Unlock the gifts your Higher Self has for you that will guide you on your path to living the freedom-filled life of your dreams. 

And the best part is I've packed all of this healing goodness into about 11 minutes, so you can feel better fast and create quantum level change anytime, any place!

I'm gifting these powerful tools to you because I see the ways that women all over the world are suffering under the weight of their fears, and I know I have tools that truly make a lasting difference. I just can't keep them to myself.


Click the link below and download your mini healing session to your phone so you'll always have me in your back pocket.


Experience The Power of Quantum Healing


Get this specific result

Download your FREE Higher Self Healing mini-session now and transform your fears into freedom now! 

You don't have to suffer anymore, Love!



Oh hell yes!

How can I help?

Personal Breakthrough

Are you fed up with a really big problem or unresolved trauma that doesn't seem to be going anywhere despite all your best efforts? We can get rid of it for good in just two hours in this 1:1 virtual healing program.


Learn how to feel better fast, love yourself from the inside out and change your problems for good so you can truly love yourself and your life no matter what your current situation.

Virtual Retreats

Up-level your life and meet your Soul Sisters from the comfort of your own home (and your yoga pants) with these solution - focused virtual retreats. 


Hey Soul Sister!


I'm Genevieve Joy, Higher Self Healer, and single mom to three awesome kiddos. I've helped countless women just like you to make peace with their past, find joy in the present moment and connect to their highest self while creating a life right here in the real world that truly lights them up. 


I'm so glad to meet you!


Your Investment: $3,000