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Way of The Warrior


The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

January 16, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

Why Trying To Raise Your Vibration Is A Pointless Waste of Your Time

I learned this lesson the hard way, so let me help you learn it the easy way.

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone on Instagram sing the praises of manifesting by raising one's vibration, I'd be a millionaire many times over.

Here's the thing: there's nothing wrong with making a vision board, or imagining what it's going to look and feel like when you become the version of you who has what you desire.

I say if those things make you happy, then do them as much as you like.

But if you're doing them because you think they're going to help you make those feelings and images on your vision board appear in your everyday reality, then you're putting yourself in a very dangerous position.

Here's why: trying to raise your vibration to manifest the life you want violates the basic principles of the Quantum Creation Cycle, which means they absolutely cannot work the way you want them to.

What they can do is put your precious self-belief at risk ... the fuel you need to propel you into your next level of living.

And once your self-belief is gone, life becomes very dark, and it's hard to pull yourself out of that place.

It's possible (I've done it multiple times). But it's very hard.

So in this episode I'll show you why it's dangerous for you to try and manifest your desires by raising your vibration, and I'll show you what to do instead.

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