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The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

May 15, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

Unpacking The Baggage Of Mother's Day

Redefining the mother/child relationship means redefining the entire concept of love, and I think this conversation is long overdue.

In my experience working with hundreds of women on ending their most problematic patterns, I've yet to meet anyone who has an entirely simple and enjoyable experience of Mother's Day.

Typically this day, more than any day of the year, is filled with feelings of high expectations and obligations, and many of us are secretly harboring big questions about whether it's beneficial for us to continue our current mother/child relationships and what it will mean for us if we don't.

Because we've all seen what happens when women of social prominence, like Jennifer Anniston, enter midlife without children. Society tends to assume that they must feel deeply unfulfilled and be consumed with longing and regret.

But for the women who know deep within them that they couldn't feel truly and authentically themselves if they walked the path assigned to them in accordance with their gender and became mothers despite their misgivings ...

And for the women who chose their own wellbeing over the maintenance of a socially sacred relationship that's silently killing them ... society has a very different opinion.

So in today's episode I'm going to help you unpack the meaning of Mother's Day and offer you a radical definition of love that can help you answer the question, "What's right for me, in terms of my personal mother/child relationship?"

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