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Way of The Warrior


The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

December 5, 2022

   by Genevieve Joy

The Ultimate Goal Of A Spiritual Practice

Do you know your Soul's highest purpose ... the one mission you're here to complete?

I do, because ultimately we’re all here for the same reason: to do the work of healing the problematic patterns that are keeping us from living as our most authentic selves. 

That’s Soul work, and the irony of it is, it can only be done on the physical plane of existence (that means here on planet Earth).

And if you’re not doing your Soul’s work, you’re probably going to feel less like you’re really alive and more like you’re slowly dying in some way.

But once you learn how to fulfill your Soul's true purpose, you’ll be truly free. 

So in this episode of Quantum Healing Made Simple I'll show you what it looks like to do your Soul's work, and how to know that you're on the right track.

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You'll also get a fresh episode each week with a story about what it looks like to live as a feminine warrior, so you can begin to incrementally expand the way you see yourself, and reclaim your power to be truly free and vibrantly alive, right here in the real world.

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