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The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

February 17, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

The Art of Setting Boundaries For Recovering People Pleasers

When you're a chronic people-pleaser, your boundaries are often unconsciously perceived by others as something more like invitations to invade, rather than legitimate reasons to give you your space.

Setting (and maintaining) appropriate boundaries can be one of the hardest things for a people pleaser to do, because we’ve become the ultimate shape-shifters so we can be whoever we believe we need to be in order to be accepted by the person in front of us.

That makes for an exhausting, and ultimately unfulfilling way of being.

So, how do you set boundaries that really work if you have a history of chronic people-pleasing?

In this episode I’ll tell you the story of how I knew this was a problem for me, and how I finally got it right after years of having my boundaries consistently violated.

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