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Way of The Warrior


The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

January 13, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

How to Release the Safety Mechanism That's Keeping You Stuck

The self-help world has really demonized the concept of safety, and I don't think that's helping anyone.

Everywhere you turn in the self-help space you'll hear something about how important it is that you stop clinging to the safety of your old way of being so you can create a new one. And there's certainly truth to that.

And it's also true that having a sense of safety is critical for our survival. Without it, how can we be sure we're embarking on an adventure into a wonderful new life, intead of a kamikaze mission into a place we never want to be?

So without the right kind of safety, it won't be possible for you to feel truly free.

Maybe what's really happening when you're feeling unsafe as you're beginning to ascend into a more elevated way of being, is that you're feeling the pull of the kind of safety that used to work well for you in the past, but is inappropriate for the new way of living that you're stepping into.

That means, what you need is to neutralize that old, inappropriate kind of safety so you can have a new kind of safety ... one that's going to help you find the kind of freedom you want.

So in this episode I'll show you what it takes to let go of the inappropriate kind of safety that's keeping you tied to your old, problematic way of being, so you can step into a new reality with a more appropriate kind of safety that allows you to be truly free.

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