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Way of The Warrior


The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

January 23, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

How Affirmations Can Make A Bad Situation A Lot Worse

You can't fix your negative thinking with affirmations. What you can do with them is create an almighty war within yourself.

When you stop living life on autopilot, and start reclaiming your power to create your reality, you may come to realize that you've been thinking some pretty icky thoughts. And you know those thoughts aren't helping you to live the vibrant, joyful and fulfilling life that is your birthright, so you decide to change them.

This is why many spiritual women use affirmations: to try and change the problematic thoughts that they believe are creating their problematic reality.

What they don't realize is that our thoughts aren't the source of anything. They're the result of something that's much more powerful.

In this episode I'll show you why using affirmations regularly can make your situation a lot worse, and what I recommend you do instead to begin to change your life in powerful ways now.

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