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Way of The Warrior


The Weekly Private Podcast With Genevieve Joy

February 27, 2023

   by Genevieve Joy

Are You Using Busyness To Avoid Doing What's Really Important?

Being constantly busy can help you feel like you're enough, but it can also prevent you from making big changes

Ahhh, the business of being busy. It helps us feel like we’re moving forward in life. If we stay busy enough we get that wonderful feeling of fatigue at the end of a long day, that acts as physical proof that we’ve DONE enough, and maybe we ARE enough.

But what if we’re doing a whole lot of the wrong stuff?

And what if we’re doing the wrong stuff for a reason?

How do we stop doing the stuff that’s only serving to drain us of our energy, and bravely start doing the things that can actually move us closer to the destination of our desires?

In this episode I show you one super simple thing I do each day to make sure I’m doing what matters most.

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You'll also get a fresh episode each week with a story about what it looks like to live as a feminine warrior, so you can begin to incrementally expand the way you see yourself, and reclaim your power to be truly free and vibrantly alive, right here in the real world.

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