Transform Your Fears and Connect To Your Inner Power Source 

Want to get out of overwhelm, transform your fears and connect to your internal power source?


In this FREE mini healing session I'll guide you in transforming those negative emotions on a quantum level so that you can begin to confidently create the joyful life you desire.

Hey, I'm Genevieve!

I'm a Higher Self Healer, speaker and single mom to three awesome kiddos. 


I'm on a mission to change the world by helping as many women as possible to quit the people-pleasing trap, connect to their Soul and own their self-worth so they can find the confidence to create the joyful life of their dreams  

With my unique combination of cutting edge neuroscience, practical insights and ancient spiritual healing tools, I can guide you in creating a dramatic transformation in just a couple of hours.  


I'm so glad to meet you!  



My 100% FREE Higher Self Healing mini-session to transform your fear into power is ready whenever you are! 

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