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Hey, Love! I'm

Genevieve Joy

I help spiritual women heal the unconscious source of their problematic patterns, and create lives that feel vibrant, joyful and deeply fulfilling.

Here's How I Can Help:



Learn why your problematic patterns keep coming back despite all your hard work, and get my 4-step process for healing their unconscious source so you can create a life that feels vibrant, joyful and fulfilling.


Chat With Me

I love chatting with my clients over Voxer. It's a free app that works like a walkie talkie. Click below to create your own account, and send me a message and tell me about the problematic pattern you want to end.  


Private Podcast

Get quick lessons, stories and healings to help you create the truly happy life that is your birthright, delivered for free to your favorite podcast app every Monday and Friday.

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