The Fear to Freedom

Higher Self Healing Mini-Session

with Genevieve Joy 

Wanna get out from under the crushing weight of anxiety and experience the peace and freedom of connecting to your Higher Self?


Ready to get out of your head and connect to the wisdom of your Higher Self ... the part of you that sees the way out of your current situation? 


Ready to quit spinning your wheels in overwhelm mode and feel better NOW so you can make choices that move you toward where you want to be?


Ready to ditch the bandaid-style approaches that never work in the long-term and transform your anxiety on a quantum level so you can be more of the Divine Goddess you know your'e meant to be?

Hey! I'm Higher Self Healer and recovered people-pleaser

Genevieve Joy

I've created a FREE mini higher self healing session to guide you in transforming your fear into the personal power you need to confidently create the joyful life you desire. 

It's supercharged with some of the exact healing tools I use every day to create quantum level change both for myself and my clients, so you can begin to release your blocks to living as your true, Divine self right now.


In this FREE mini-healing session I'll guide you to:


  • Release deeply held layers of the fears, anxiety and overwhelm that have been keeping you stuck so you can begin to shed the emotional weight you've been carrying around. 

  • Release layers of the blocks that have been keeping you from experiencing the freedom, joy and empowerment that are your birthright. 

  • Unlock the gifts your Higher Self has for you that will guide you on your path to living the freedom-filled life of your dreams. 

And the best part is I've packed all of this healing goodness into about 11 minutes, so you can feel better fast and create quantum level change anytime, any place!

I'm gifting these powerful tools to you because, after years of suffering in silence, I see the ways that women all over the world are suffering under the weight of their fears, and I know I have tools that truly make a lasting difference. I just can't keep them to myself.


Click the link below and download your mini healing session to your phone so you'll always have me in your back pocket.

Download your FREE Higher Self Healing mini-session now and transform your fears into freedom now! 

You don't have to suffer anymore, Love!


Higher Self Healing

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